They were emma, lena, lilly and johnny and provided an afternoon of entertainment at the friedrich-baur senior citizens' center sankt kunigund in altenkunstadt. The guests, however, were not girls and boys from the kreuzberg daycare center, who regularly delight the residents of the home with their performances, but four-legged friends.

No transport bottleneck

The visit of the "meeting point dog from michelau will be remembered by the women and men for a long time to come. "There's quite a lot going on here", stated sonja kraus and tanja dauer. The social services staff were delighted to see how well seniors and dogs get along. There was no sign of fear of contact on either side. The four-legged friends, including a dachshund, a poodle, a yorkshire terrier as well as a border collie and a golden retriever, enjoyed the petting sessions with which the residents of the home roughly provided them. Senior helene bluchel and the two and a half year old rumba immediately made friends. "I used to have a dog myself", many seniors remembered wistfully. "The meeting point dog was founded in 2002 and belongs to the bavarian state association for dog sports.", explained dieter scheuering.
The chairman was accompanied by a kelpie, which is descended from an australian breed of dog. The offers of the michelau dog lovers are broadly diversified. The palette ranges from puppy playtime to basic training of young and adult dogs to entry into dog sports. "In the foreground, however, is always the spab with our dogs", emphasized scheuering. In the garden of the senior center, the animals were allowed to show what they had learned during weekly training sessions. They ran through a hose and made room when their masters or mistresses wanted to talk to them. For a dog must not interrupt speech. A four-legged friend must learn to obey a clear no from its owner. This is especially true for "leckerlis", offered to him or that he finds. "It could also be something poisonous", the chairman said. After the demonstrations, the animals were allowed to romp around in the garden.

The good news first: claus-peter reisch does not have to go to jail. Nevertheless, he was sentenced to a fine in malta on tuesday – because his rescue ship "lifeline" had been damaged had not been properly registered at the time. A formal error, if anything. That he should pay the 10,000 euros to refugee aid organizations seems absurd, considering that he himself set sail for one and rescued more than 230 migrants from the mediterranean on his ship. The NGO "mission lifeline wants to appeal. This is absolutely understandable.

This is what happened: "lifeline-captain on malta sentenced to fine

A number of people are guilty in this debate. Reisch and his people are not among them. 494 migrants have already drowned in the mediterranean this year. Sustainable development aid, disarmament, turning away from turbo-capitalism: instead of criminalizing sea rescuers, the EU should finally bring unwilling state leaders onto a common, humanitarian course. Fleeing people don’t get into junked rubber dinghies for fun – those who don’t see prospects will continue to put their lives on the line.

the plan, concept and cost breakdown were pleasing

The new indoor swimming pool on coburger strabe is as good as in dry (hand) cloths (to stay in the picture): despite the grumbling of some local politicians from the main valley in the run-up, the agreements between the district and the city of ebern on the construction of the indoor swimming pool were passed without a murmur – across party lines even unanimously – in the district committee, in which the top representatives of all district council factions are represented, yesterday tuesday afternoon.

Accordingly, ebern bears all the additional costs incurred by the public use compared to a school swimming pool (975,000 euros). The rest is distributed among the different schools according to the number of classes (see list below). Compared to earlier cost estimates, the county's share has been slightly reduced due to a higher state subsidy (1.8 million euros). A flat/cost formula was applied to the construction costs.

From now on, visitors to the celtic spa in bad salzungen and spa guests in the sudthuring district town can purchase a noble drop directly on site. The new bad salzunger gradierbrand rhon is a special drop, because the original spelt schnapps spent part of its maturing period in the gradierhaus and benefited from the rooty brine vapors.

Small distiller lothar bold from neuwirtshaus near hammelburg had started the brandy last year. Spelt was mashed and mashed at about 75 degrees. Then it was heated in a pot still before being poured into the cask. It was then hung in a wooden barrel for nine months in the bad salzungen graduation house. The ramsthal distiller adolf keller filtered and evaporated the brandy so that it now has a good drinkability of 38 percent.

As a "woman for all cases, who can do many, many things very, very well" is how christine sengenberger, chairman of the board of management, described her employee monika lunz, who was recently honored for her 25 years with raiffeisenbank uehlfeld-dachsbach.

Monika lunz started on 1. After completing her training as a bank clerk in september 1991, she became an employee in the bank's market division, where she was entrusted with a number of special tasks, such as cleaning up operations and reorganizations. After completing a customer advisor course and taking a family break of almost two years, the jubilarian was given her first tasks in the area of business organization; later she was entrusted with business management responsibility for IT.

breakfast: macaroni for the macker

No one can get past the noodle. It already starts with schiller and his wilhelm tell: "through this hollow noodle he will come!Even in star wars the noodle appears as a 1-a staple: "may the noodle be with you"!"

It is not surprising that there is a world noodle day, which – as luck would have it – wants to be celebrated exactly today. Our people are more or less stuck with the macaroni. Then it gets tricky: penne – that could be those short, tube-shaped noodles with the ends cut diagonally. But what do anelletti look like? And cannelloni – were they these thick things?? Or are we just confusing this with rigatoni?

They take care of the birds in and around stettfeld

Getting up early, moving quietly through the awakening nature and listening to the voices of the birds: for the hiking group of the SC stettfeld such a bird call hike has been part of the program for 25 years.
Always on hand are rudi schopplein and dietmar spath, who have been looking after the birdlife in and around stettfeld for the past 15 years. It all started with two tours by werner ullmann from ebern, the two passionate hikers report: "then edmund meidenbauer from ebelsbach took over and for 15 years we have been doing it now."
The number of participants is also always impressive: "on average, we are about ten people." About 40 species of birds can be counted per hike, now and then even specialities like the hoopoe or the stone chat. "In the wetlands we also have a lot of blue and brown throats, and in the direction of staffelbach I was recently able to observe a wryneck", rudi schopplein is pleased.
This joy of birding is also what drives them. About ten years ago, the old transformer station in stettfelder bahnhofstrabe was converted into a bird hotel under the leadership of the hiking department. The two also look after 60 bird boxes in and around stettfeld. Cleaning, replacement and new construction add up to many hours of work here. "I always have a few boxes in my car, and when I see that one is broken, I replace it", explains dietmar spath.
In addition to the bird boxes, three owl boxes have also been added, one of which is currently occupied by a barn owl. In addition, there are also two kestrel nests in stettfeld, which are under very close observation. "We have four to five boys a year", rudi schopplein reports.

Hawk nest discovered

In all these years there have always been beautiful experiences during the hike. "One thing was when we discovered a nest of beavers with four eggs", tells dietmar spath. "The time now is the best of all", he states.
Rudi schopplein agrees with him: "go out early, see the sunrise and experience nature. Can there be anything more beautiful?"
In addition to the bird boxes, the SC stettfeld hiking group also looks after the silver sandstone cave, where three different bat species have set up their winter quarters, the spitzelberg and the muhlbach spring. All places where you can talk to visitors. These meetings and the resulting exchanges are another high point for rudi schopplein. "If you don't go out, you can't meet anyone," he says, the nature lover is sure.
The hikers are now looking forward to next sunday, 22. April, their 25. Bird song hike to be celebrated accordingly. All nature lovers, who also enjoy the sounding bird world, are invited to this event. The meeting point is at 6.30 o'clock in front of the stratz inn. Then the hike will last about 2.5 hours. In celebration of this special event, a sausage breakfast will be offered afterwards in the SC sports center.

Federal police to assist investigators in bamf affair

In the affair about unlawful asylum decisions, the federal ministry of the interior is now putting up heavy guards.

In view of the criminal investigations, a joint investigation team of the central anti-corruption office and the state criminal office of bremen is planned with the support of the federal police. This was announced by the bremen senate after a crisis meeting of the federal government, the affected countries and the federal refugee office in the hanseatic city.

Thundorf building yard may not install urinals

The meeting of the thundorf town council began with a site meeting in theinfeld district and then continued in the festival hall in thundorf. To the recapitulation from the castle meeting from 10. February various applications were inspected.

"According to the municipal code, recommendations of the castle assemblies are to be dealt with by the council", according to mayor judith dekant. There were no formal recommendations from the meetings to the municipal council. However, a number of questions and suggestions were also raised at the castle meetings, which were discussed again during the meeting and at the on-site meeting led by second mayor jurgen schleier.

Work and school come together in knetzgau

Laura, who worked in a hairdressing salon, had come up with something: she cleverly showed off an updo. A professional woman – herself a trained hairdresser – attested to the eight-grader's astonishing skills. But laura is still undecided: "the profession would be something for me, but I don't know yet if I'll do it."

Emily had also decided to demonstrate a hands-on activity at her stand. She had worked as a florist in the flower store in westheim. At the "internship" showed them how to tie a wreath. She liked the job, but in the next six months she wants to get a taste of kindergarten to see if she likes the job of childcare worker. This is where lea had her practical day. She played with the children, did handicrafts and gymnastics, and read them stories. She says she enjoyed working in the kindergarten a lot.