The mainbernheim city council approved in its meeting on thursday the continuation of the intermunicipal alliance sudost 7/22 for a second call period from the year 2019 for another four years. At the last steering group meeting, all the mayors involved had been in favor of continuing the association, which is now to be decided by the municipal and city councils.

Change in the leadership

Since the current allianz spokesman, burkhard klein, does not want to serve another term, the steering committee proposed that he be succeeded by mainbernheim’s mayor, peter kraus. The alliance manager claudia hebert will then be employed in the future by the lead municipality of mainbernheim. According to claudia hebert, the long-term alliance will reduce the workload of the participating administrations and provide lasting added value for the member municipalities. She explained the projects that have been implemented so far and also looked to the future with upcoming projects.

As a "woman for all cases, who can do many, many things very, very well" is how christine sengenberger, chairman of the board of management, described her employee monika lunz, who was recently honored for her 25 years with raiffeisenbank uehlfeld-dachsbach.

Monika lunz started on 1. After completing her training as a bank clerk in september 1991, she became an employee in the bank's market division, where she was entrusted with a number of special tasks, such as cleaning up operations and reorganizations. After completing a customer advisor course and taking a family break of almost two years, the jubilarian was given her first tasks in the area of business organization; later she was entrusted with business management responsibility for IT.

Persistent threatening e-mails to the office and a hitler comparison

Impulse control disorder. The man on the dock has already received this diagnosis twice from experts. Only: nothing has changed, there is no solution to the problem. At least not one that the unemployed man could afford. And so his hat regularly bursts, he goes full steam out of his skin. This regularly earns him fines, and he is still paying 30 euros a month from the last trial.

The man goes particularly berserk when he has to deal with his social security officer. Since 2016, the defendant has been receiving basic benefits, since then he has a clear enemy image: his case worker. And that just as fiercely as regularly. For some time now, this has resulted in charges being brought against him, because the man has had enough of the officialdom and no longer wants to put up with it all.

The children show the way. All they need is a few balloons and aya, sedil, mohamad and barra will join anton and mathis for a happy romp. Beruhrungsangste? There is not. Language? Presented. Spab? And like!

Things are not quite as loud in the kitchen. But also here there is a lot of laughter. When robert looks for salt in the kitchen and monika doesn’t want to believe that hummus is an oriental appetizer. Sidra explains that it is made from ground chickpeas with finely chopped thyme. Fulled wine leaves are served and dumplings filled with sheep’s milk cheese are prepared. Afghan specialties, flatbreads, turkish bread, lots of fruit, vegetables, salads. Small dips. Everything a little different. Invitingly colorful. Tomatoes, olives, peppers and foreign spices. Roast pork and schnitzel, sumptuous skillet dishes or klobe? Missing. Beer and wine taboo! It also works without. But tea is always served fresh from small glasses, self-evident and unprompted. Oriental sunday brunch.

Instrument flight to bamberger airfield breitenau, a permanent permit for instrument flight at coburg airfield brandensteinsebene – that's the "kombilosung", to cover the needs of local companies for their internal factory air traffic with their own aircraft.
However, something must also be done at the coburg airport, the grunen faction in the city council thought, and submitted a corresponding motion that the administration should take action. But this application is already outdated, said mayor norbert tessmer (SPD) in the meeting on thursday: there had already been talks with bamberg and the air office of northern bavaria. The city must provide money to further improve the airfield if the city council so decides – probably in december. Only then could the aeroclub, as the operator of the airfield, apply for a permanent license for instrument flight operations.
The second motion of the grunen to cancel the zoning procedure for a new airfield near neida was not dealt with at all. This procedure is "dormant in the event that the "kombilosung" does not work out but it doesn't work out. This had been approved by the city council in its septembersitzung. Since then, there has been no change in the factual and legal situation, and the motion is therefore closed, according to the draft resolution. 

From the dream of the fifth star

Bert Reichel is still laughing. If, then only very briefly. For of course it is "disappointing" from germany's point of view, what happened in the preliminary round of the soccer world championship has been astonishing: germany is out, finished last in the group, and now the tournament is really about to start, also for FC habfurt.
As a co-organizer of the public viewing event in the FC stadium, reichel had already said well in advance that the matter would probably be settled with the K.O.-round trip takes off. It was worth it for the club "from the quarter-finals on", finally it was planned that also a little money into the club cash is spooled.

"It's not like you can change it"

But it was also clear to those responsible that it was not in their power alone: if germany flies out prematurely, both the dream of the fifth star and the dream of pocket money for the sports departments of the FC are gone. And what no one had thought possible came to pass. Reichel takes a sporting view of it, however: "you can't change it, can you?, he says. And in sports, there are always surprises. "That's the root of fubball, that you can't always see everything in advance."
Of course, without the german team in the tournament, the spectators also preferred to stay away from the public viewing at FC habfurt. At least in the eighth-final matches, spectator numbers were "in part catastrophic", says reichel "once we only had 24 people".

Snooker genius o'sullivan: 'is not my thing'

In his right hand the world championship trophy, on his left arm the proud son ronnie junior: for snooker genius ronnie O’sullivan the fifth world championship title was different from all before.

Since his triumph the previous year, the eccentric englishman had taken almost a year off, playing only one mandatory match. Even without any playing experience, the 37-year-old beat last year’s finalist allister "alli" carter, young star judd trump and compatriot barry hawkins 18:12 in the final at the crucible theater in sheffield. For the first time since 1996, the defending champion has won the final.

Hamilton is afraid: 'lance will fight back'

"Hardly anything is heard of lance, but i consider this calm to be bearable. I’m afraid he’s going to strike back," hamilton told the "stern" magazine. Hamilton also personally fears a revenge action by armstrong, who had already insulted him once in a steakhouse: "I have sleeping disorders and nightmares, there is not a day when I do not think of lance."

Armstrong, who was banned for life for doping, recently tweeted a photo of himself: it showed the 40-year-old lying on a sofa in immense self-satisfaction. He looked at the framed yellow jerseys of the tour de france, which hung brightly lit on the wall. Shortly before, armstrong had been stripped of his seven tour triumphs between 1999 and 2005 by the world cycling federation UCI under pressure from the US anti-doping agency USADA.

When bertram felix became financial officer of the city of bamberg, the world was reeling from an unprecedented financial crisis. Municipalities such as bamberg were also hit hard by the crash in trade tax revenues. Twelve years later, the drama seems to be repeating itself, but with much greater force. Felix almost runs out of words when he describes the latest tax estimates: "dramatic is almost too positive a word when i look into the black hole that will open up in 2021. We are experiencing two dark years."

Nine weeks to go, then bamberg's city councils will traditionally sit down to spend the city's money – 300 million euros are in principle to be distributed, an energy-sapping ritual in which heads smoke and opinions clash. 2020 it could be that the power meeting will be cancelled due to a lack of masses – because the mandatory services required by law are already eating up the budget.

When skateboards can fly

Actually skateboards are made for rolling. In burgkunstadt, however, one is said to have flown in the direction of a courier driver and accompanied by comments such as "you idiot" or "bum". On tuesday, a 40-year-old man from the eastern district was charged with attempted grievous bodily harm and insult in the local court. On this occasion, a second charge was brought against the man: fraud.

"I admit the insult, I called him a fool and a bum", says the currently unemployed man about the incident of 29. May 2018. Otherwise he and the prosecution had nothing to reproach him with. But she did, because according to her investigation, there had been another striking experience for the offended on the day in question at around 6 p.M. A skateboard hit him and the reason was that the defendant threw it out of a rage. The accused defended himself massively against prosecutor rona schmidt and judge alexander zenefels: "i have three black belts. I do not need a skateboard. When I want to beat someone up, I hit him." And another argument spoke for the defendant’s point of view: "i didn’t throw at him. I had, then I had hit. At 20 meters distance I throw an axe into the ten."