They take care of the birds in and around stettfeld

They take care of the birds in and around stettfeld

Getting up early, moving quietly through the awakening nature and listening to the voices of the birds: for the hiking group of the SC stettfeld such a bird call hike has been part of the program for 25 years.
Always on hand are rudi schopplein and dietmar spath, who have been looking after the birdlife in and around stettfeld for the past 15 years. It all started with two tours by werner ullmann from ebern, the two passionate hikers report: "then edmund meidenbauer from ebelsbach took over and for 15 years we have been doing it now."
The number of participants is also always impressive: "on average, we are about ten people." About 40 species of birds can be counted per hike, now and then even specialities like the hoopoe or the stone chat. "In the wetlands we also have a lot of blue and brown throats, and in the direction of staffelbach I was recently able to observe a wryneck", rudi schopplein is pleased.
This joy of birding is also what drives them. About ten years ago, the old transformer station in stettfelder bahnhofstrabe was converted into a bird hotel under the leadership of the hiking department. The two also look after 60 bird boxes in and around stettfeld. Cleaning, replacement and new construction add up to many hours of work here. "I always have a few boxes in my car, and when I see that one is broken, I replace it", explains dietmar spath.
In addition to the bird boxes, three owl boxes have also been added, one of which is currently occupied by a barn owl. In addition, there are also two kestrel nests in stettfeld, which are under very close observation. "We have four to five boys a year", rudi schopplein reports.

Hawk nest discovered

In all these years there have always been beautiful experiences during the hike. "One thing was when we discovered a nest of beavers with four eggs", tells dietmar spath. "The time now is the best of all", he states.
Rudi schopplein agrees with him: "go out early, see the sunrise and experience nature. Can there be anything more beautiful?"
In addition to the bird boxes, the SC stettfeld hiking group also looks after the silver sandstone cave, where three different bat species have set up their winter quarters, the spitzelberg and the muhlbach spring. All places where you can talk to visitors. These meetings and the resulting exchanges are another high point for rudi schopplein. "If you don't go out, you can't meet anyone," he says, the nature lover is sure.
The hikers are now looking forward to next sunday, 22. April, their 25. Bird song hike to be celebrated accordingly. All nature lovers, who also enjoy the sounding bird world, are invited to this event. The meeting point is at 6.30 o'clock in front of the stratz inn. Then the hike will last about 2.5 hours. In celebration of this special event, a sausage breakfast will be offered afterwards in the SC sports center.

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