27 young people from kehlbach join in

The girls shone in their traditional costumes, which consisted of petticoat, skirt, blouse, bodice, skirt and ribbons. Andreas buttner is "zechbursch" for the fifth time this year. His "zech", eva schnappauf, is there for the second time. Both did not want to miss this celebration. Finally, the trachtenkirchweih is the high point in the calendar of events. Both black from the meetings that took place in advance, where they discussed who would take which part. Finally, music bands had to be ordered, people had to be found for the service and the bar service.
The organization of this festival demands community and cohesion. The festival is great fun and makes you forget about everyday life, says andreas buttner. Both are proud that this year a total of 27 young people agreed to take part in the trachtenkirchweih. This game, they both know, is also a great way to promote kehlbach. Because every year many visitors and young people from outside come to the frankenwald village.
The "zecher" considered this a success, the dance events on saturday. The culture hall is bursting at the seams. The atmosphere was great. 

Thundorf building yard may not install urinals

The meeting of the thundorf town council began with a site meeting in theinfeld district and then continued in the festival hall in thundorf. To the recapitulation from the castle meeting from 10. February various applications were inspected.

"According to the municipal code, recommendations of the castle assemblies are to be dealt with by the council", according to mayor judith dekant. There were no formal recommendations from the meetings to the municipal council. However, a number of questions and suggestions were also raised at the castle meetings, which were discussed again during the meeting and at the on-site meeting led by second mayor jurgen schleier.

After more than ten years, the hohenfeld guardian guild once again has a guardian queen. At the proclamation of the new majesties on kirchweihmonday the schutzenmeister and schutzenkonig of the previous year, michael graber, passed on the konigskette to elke pfeiffle. The wife of the freeholder city councilman landed the best low shot with a 376-piece and felt very honored. "That’s the high point of today", found oberburgermeister and schutzenkommissar siegfried muller and congratulated quite cordially.

"I shot without any intentions and didn’t put any pressure on myself", described the 46-year-old her recipe for success, after she had competed in the past six years of her membership in the hohenfeld guild of guards with ambitions at the konigsschieben, but the hoped-for success had not materialized. Uwe pfeiffle had also not yet achieved a majestic title and had not yet won a target. Curiously, the deputy head of the kitzinger land hospital was able to win the karl-nitsche trophy at the same time as his wife this year.

Ow, ow, the very first tests are hoarding a bit like cat music – but they still have a little time to practice! For the "bayern 1 summer trip, which will be held on 1. September in habfurt am main, horst lohs, hubert muller, reiner schuster and helene friedrich enter the ring with a huge hoopla. At the city competition, these proven dignitaries will uphold the honor of the county town, and the inaugurated female: they'll make the!

All of them are great entertainers
After all, they are all known like the proverbial colorful dogs, and they have already moved many things in the city. Whether it is horst lohs, who has been directing the TV basket ball team for 45 years, with the "tornados at carnival with the "eleven wise hares heene friedrich has been making waves for over ten years – and – by the way – has also played the drums for five years.

acrobatics of the cheerleaders inspires at eibenberger carnival

Joking and frolicking, atmospheric music and fun: every year, the eibenberg fire brigade goes to great lengths to offer its loyal audience a "homemade" event fousanochts program to present. At the super party on saturday in the steinberger kronachtalhalle, which had been transformed into a carnival stronghold, there was again everything you could wish for: the finest live music, thrilling show acts, two magical dancing guards and the current staaberche prince and princess.

Animal well masked

If anyone can party, it's eibenberg's hard-working fire and thirst-quenchers – that's common knowledge; accordingly, every year many carnival fans and dance enthusiasts, far beyond the county borders, pay a visit to the shindig. Once again, the fancifully masked jesters were buried by fire department chairman matthias jakob.

Self-determination despite dementia

"These were conditions that you can't imagine", says rosi schmitt. Over ten years ago, the nurse was disappointed by the conditions in nursing care, the daily routine in institutions, where the humane treatment of patients suffering from dementia is often neglected. "I thought, you have to do more for dementia patients", she tells.
She finds motivated comrades-in-arms, with whom she founds a non-profit association. The plan is to realize a dementia community for hochstadt. A long process of planning and, above all, financing begins.

Dementia community opened in 2019

A great deal of perseverance, support from the city and the district, donations and funding made it possible for eleven rooms, each individually furnished by the residents, to be occupied at the schlossberg in 2019. In the outpatient assisted living community, each resident should be able to organize his or her everyday life individually. In schmitt's eyes, a self-determined life despite dementia is the core of the housing project. The WG is self-managed by a committee of members. The residents are cared for by the outpatient nursing service, and social and music educators and other specialists are also on hand. Who takes care of them in which mabe is decided by the residents.
"With dementia, it is important to be able to respond to the different phases and sensitivities of the patients, says schmitt. That presupposes that one also knows the person and his biography. This can best be done by the residents, who are an important pillar of the whole project. In the family-like structure of the facility, members were allowed to come and go as they pleased. You can and must also get involved. " The goal is to make interaction as close to real life as possible", says schmitt. Working in small groups and providing close supervision is naturally a challenge for the staff, but they are highly motivated, says schmitt. "Because the conditions are right", she explains. She would like to see more projects of this kind in the district – but at the same time she knows that nursing homes are just as important. The WG is an alternative for relatives who can no longer manage the care alone, but still want to live together.

Schutzengesellschaft neustadt celebrated its coarse konigstafel

The 2018/19 sports protection season of the privileged protection society of 1533 neustadt is gradually coming to an end. Traditionally, the festivities for the feast of the guardians began with the royal table on thursday evening. Once again, the still reigning regent michael buchner and youth king malte hahn dined in the konigshaus at the halskestrabe in the circle of their court princely. A welcome opportunity for guardian master lutz wachsmuth to thank for the successful year in this festive atmosphere and to honor deserving guardian brothers for 25/40 years of association loyalty with honorary pins and certificates.

In addition, there was a special honor from the bayerischer sportschutzenbund (BSSB): the two flag bearers were awarded for this honorable task, klaus gobler for 15 years with gold and martin brieger for ten years with silver. This year, neustadt's third mayor martin stingl (SPD) was also one of the loyal jubilarians, for 25 years. Stingl, in his speech, said: "we in the city of new town express our sincere gratitude for the fact that the privileged guardian society, in the form in which it is celebrated today and as it will continue in the days to come, has not completely abandoned the tradition of the guardian festival"." The problem is known to all. "A rough and tumble festival can't be held on our terrain. That is why we are all the more grateful that it is still preserved in the form in which it has been going on for several years. Preserving tradition is an essential aspect", thanked the mayor. "I think it's admirable that the average age today, in this setting, is respectable: we have a lot of young people on the board! And that's why I say: boys, girls, hang in there, that's what we need, a build up from the bottom. We, the seniors, won't last forever. Without you, however, tradition cannot be preserved in the future." And stingl also thanked those responsible who managed to get the youngsters involved again.

Moby dick in the spa theater of bad kissingen

Herman melville’s monster novel "moby dick with its 900 pages and 135 chapters has already made many a reader capitulate. Even ulrich tukur as a teenager only got as far as "somewhere in the middle of the book". When he took over the literature-and-music project put together by pianist sebastian knauer and his father wolfgang knauer for klaus maria brandauer, he reread the novel diagonally, realizing "what a fantastic writer melville was and created his own version, in which he and knauer referred to the "friendship between quequeg, the noble savage from the south sea" and the payer ishmael, who was at first afraid of the over and over tattooed stranger, concentrated. From the first scene on, the audience could convince themselves of the functioning of this version and the absolutely conclusive interaction of text and music.

With thirteen atmospheric and thematically perfect compositions that match the text excerpts read by tukur, such as the somber "nuages gris by franz liszt at the beginning, over scott joplin’s ragtime "the strenuous life", gershwin’s "the man i love", but also a largo by vivaldi/ bach, a long excerpt from dvorak’s "symphony from the new world" and six almost eerily fitting pieces from mussorgsky’s "pictures at an exhibition" sebastian knauer with his interpretations on the piano made the plot almost sensually tangible. The result was a total experience that went far beyond a reading with piano accompaniment.