Petra barth with world championship gold and silver at the end of her career

This year the world championships of the world kickboxing and karate union (WKU) took place in athens. From 36 nations 2100 athletes competed in the kickboxing disciplines pointfighting, light contact and forms as well as karate, among them four athletes from the ebern martial arts school rogner.

Petra barth from dorfleins started in the light contact and kick-light competitions. She had invested a lot of time in preparation and never missed a tournament. Last year she was world champion.

Lebenshilfe grows and plans the next home

The general meeting of the lebenshilfe erlangen-hochstadt (west) in the parish hall of st. Otto in herzogenaurach. The program included the annual review, honors, discharge of the supervisory board and its election.

As reported by ulrich wustmann, chairman of the supervisory board, the association currently has 592 members, 65 of whom were present at the meeting. With the integration of WAB kosbach, lebenshilfe took over responsibility for 100 employees, as well as more than 100 inpatient and 30 outpatient places of residence.

the plan, concept and cost breakdown were pleasing

The new indoor swimming pool on coburger strabe is as good as in dry (hand) cloths (to stay in the picture): despite the grumbling of some local politicians from the main valley in the run-up, the agreements between the district and the city of ebern on the construction of the indoor swimming pool were passed without a murmur – across party lines even unanimously – in the district committee, in which the top representatives of all district council factions are represented, yesterday tuesday afternoon.

Accordingly, ebern bears all the additional costs incurred by the public use compared to a school swimming pool (975,000 euros). The rest is distributed among the different schools according to the number of classes (see list below). Compared to earlier cost estimates, the county's share has been slightly reduced due to a higher state subsidy (1.8 million euros). A flat/cost formula was applied to the construction costs.

Work and school come together in knetzgau

Laura, who worked in a hairdressing salon, had come up with something: she cleverly showed off an updo. A professional woman – herself a trained hairdresser – attested to the eight-grader's astonishing skills. But laura is still undecided: "the profession would be something for me, but I don't know yet if I'll do it."

Emily had also decided to demonstrate a hands-on activity at her stand. She had worked as a florist in the flower store in westheim. At the "internship" showed them how to tie a wreath. She liked the job, but in the next six months she wants to get a taste of kindergarten to see if she likes the job of childcare worker. This is where lea had her practical day. She played with the children, did handicrafts and gymnastics, and read them stories. She says she enjoyed working in the kindergarten a lot.

"Knetzgau is not a rich community", said mayor stefan paulus in view of the budget and financing plan during the youngest municipal council meeting. After the draft budget was presented and explained by chamberlain marco depner at the meeting a week ago, the municipal council now approved the draft budget for the current year and the financial plan up to the year 2021 with one vote against in each case.

Paul spoke of figures that were again very good and impressive. In the years 2017 to 2021, the municipality invests 30.6 million euros. From a rough list, there are a number of measures to be mentioned: the renovation of the dreiberg school with the sports facilities currently under construction (1.25 million euros), the municipal housing construction "an der klinge" (400,000 euros), the new construction and development of a new connecting road from the main road to the bieger road with demolition of the weber estate on the main road in knetzgau (300,000 euros), the village lighting with replacement of lights (170,000 euros) as well as playgrounds and playgrounds (150,000 euros).

On 15. September the handball department of the TV ebern celebrates the "day of handball" their 40th anniversary. A home game day is planned, on which all handball teams of the gymnastics club will play a friendly game in the triple gymnasium. Afterwards, there will be an official program lasting about one hour, including a tour through the photo archive of the department's last 40 years. This was announced at a meeting of the board and coaches of the handball department, who after the conclusion of the 2017/2018 season love to review the season and gave an outlook on the upcoming activities in the summer.

Championship celebrated

In the 2017/2018 season, a female B-youth team, a male A-youth team and one each of a manner I and a manner II team were registered in the league system. The female B-youth team won the championship in the interdistrict league north relay. As the coaches jutta geub and michael vierbucher reported, the team is making very good progress and will be transferred to the female a-youth this year.
Coach jonathan steffan looks back on a rather mixed season with his male a-youth, but says the squad is well positioned for the coming season, which makes him confident for the coming season.
The manner II look back on a balanced season. Coach thomas muller, however, addressed the shortage of players despite a rough squad. For the coming season, however, some permanent players have been found in the meantime. Until players from the male A-youth reprint, the team will continue to play above competition.
The head of department and coach of the manner I, matthias batzner, reported a "reasonably good season with few injuries". The 2018/2019 season is the third season of the team in the bezirksoberliga.
"In general, we can look back on a good handball season for TV ebern.", summed up department head batzner. Those present were pleased to learn that there will be a women's team again in the coming season.

So far, the "bodenfeld" has seen 14 plots of land developed, most of which have already been sold. The new building sites are not only intended to benefit burghers from wonfurt, but also to "attract" people from the surrounding area who are interested in building. "Our birth rates are abysmal", according to baunacher. "So if we want to maintain our daycare center and our school, we need families with children to settle here." The main way to compete with habfurt is on the price of land, but action must be taken quickly.

"If the council gives the green light today, I'll call the architect tomorrow to get things started, according to baunacher. As he announced, in wonfurt after the "bodenfeld" no more building areas will be developed. The community council unanimously approved the planning, so that the development of the remaining twelve building sites can begin this year.

Pegnitz station to become barrier-free

For the barrier-free extension of the pegnitz train station, a positive decision could be made this year. "We see light on the horizon, said hartmut koschyk (CSU), member of the bundestag, at a site meeting with representatives of deutsche bahn and the federal and state governments in pegnitz on monday evening. Beforehand, stefan schell from the bavarian ministry of the interior had promised all those involved that the almost ten million euro barrier-free expansion could be included in the so-called bavaria package of the 2019 – 2025 demand tranche.

No quick fix

Herbert kolbl from deutsche bahn AG could not give much hope for a quick solution at the deadline. At present, there are no concrete plans on the part of the railroad for a barrier-free expansion, said kolbl. For the railroad, it is primarily a matter of preserving its existence. The railroad is tackling where the need is greatest in order to ensure operation. Pegnitz is also not currently included in the corresponding federal programs, according to hans-jurgen jacobs of the federal ministry of transportation. Federal funds are primarily earmarked to preserve the substance of the village.

every tenth person owns the book 'sayings of french switzerland

Heinz buttner is still proud of having complied with the request of the school board at the beginning of the 1960s. He was given the task of collecting the stories of the district of ebermannstadt. The book “legends and stories from the district of ebermannstadt” was written, which was the basis for the “french switzerland book of legends”. This, in turn, has become a perennial favorite and is now in its tenth edition. A reason to celebrate and look back.

Heinz buttner turns 93 in july. He still remembers with pleasure the time when he was present in 1979 at the founding of the local history working group in sachsendorf near gobweinstein. The main task of this institution, which has been led since the beginning by hans weisel (75) from ebermannstadt, was the establishment of a local history library and the publication of local history writings. Since the then chairman of the french switzerland association (FSV), fritz preis, was familiar with the collection of legends written by buttner, he asked that the work begun for the district of ebermannstadt be extended to the whole of french switzerland. Buttner said yes.

A ghost appears with dramatic gestures and a threatening voice. He floats across the stage like mephisto himself. The ghost tells the town hall officials ominous news, for dark clouds are gathering over ebensfeld… But more of the content should not be revealed, in order not to take away the suspense from the new piece of the theater group.

Norbert dietz is the one who haunts the office as a spooky figure. This evening, the amateur actors are rehearsing the new play for the second time. But why do they learn texts by heart and rehearse many evenings instead of sitting comfortably at home in front of the television?? Norbert dietz: "because we want to entertain the people – and because we want to bring something culturally ruberbringen."