Rescue dog nero from vestenbergsgreuth has a certified sniffer nose

rescue dog nero from vestenbergsgreuth has a certified sniffer nose

Together with his dog handler holger peetz from vestenbergsgreuth of the johanniter rescue dog team of central franconia, nero started at the nationwide test for rescue dogs and passed with flying colors.

First the people have to prove their knowledge in an extensive theory test. The four-legged players then took part in the practice session. First all 36 teams had to pass the test. The dogs were not allowed to get too close to the missing person or to burden him, because in a real emergency it must be ensured that the dogs do not harm a seriously injured person. Immediately after that it went on to the subordination.

In this obedience test, the teams had to work well together. Among other things, it was tested whether the rescue dog reacts correctly to commands and follows its handler without a leash.

Next up was the search for a flat in a 30,000 square meter wooded area where volunteer injury actors were hiding. The teams had only 20 minutes to find two missing persons. "We are proud of the performance of our team from central franconia and are pleased that they have successfully passed the exam", reports ingrid bierschneider from the johanniter rescue dog team in central franconia.

A total of 13 rescue dogs passed the test with their masters. The teams that do not pass the test can continue to train and repeat the test a maximum of five times. In the flat, one dog replaces 40 to 50 helpers and can search up to 30,000 square meters in 15 minutes. The training to become a rescue dog takes about two years and is completed with the rescue dog exam, which must be refreshed every 24 months.

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