Mainbernheimers are in favor of the continuation of the intercommunal

The mainbernheim city council approved in its meeting on thursday the continuation of the intermunicipal alliance sudost 7/22 for a second call period from the year 2019 for another four years. At the last steering group meeting, all the mayors involved had been in favor of continuing the association, which is now to be decided by the municipal and city councils.

Change in the leadership

Since the current allianz spokesman, burkhard klein, does not want to serve another term, the steering committee proposed that he be succeeded by mainbernheim’s mayor, peter kraus. The alliance manager claudia hebert will then be employed in the future by the lead municipality of mainbernheim. According to claudia hebert, the long-term alliance will reduce the workload of the participating administrations and provide lasting added value for the member municipalities. She explained the projects that have been implemented so far and also looked to the future with upcoming projects.

Further topics from the meeting: the city of mainbernheim is applying to the government of lower franconia for a total amount of 740,400 euros from the urban development program for the coming year. This includes money for initial work on the redesign of herrnstrabe and municipal demand programs for redevelopment in the old town. The largest item is the renovation of the city wall in the area of nurnberger strabe 2 with 270,000 euros.

Relief for the administration

As the chairman of the audit committee, robert finster, explained, the local audit of the accounts for the 2017 financial year did not give rise to any objections. The council determined the annual result to be around 7.14 million euros. On finster’s motion, the council granted discharge to the mayor and the administration.

In the new building area langwasen a brisk building activity is in the offing: alone five single-family houses could be processed in the permission exemption. The council granted the necessary, limited exemptions from the development plan for two further building projects on the rodelseer strabe site. The city council also gave its approval for the attic conversion of a residential building in stettiner weg.

Solar plants on former landfill

Near the boundary next to the railroad line, a rough flat area that was once a landfill for garbage and construction debris is being auctioned off by the german railroad. In the meantime, three interested parties have contacted the city and will bid for the land if the city allows the construction of a large-scale photovoltaic system on the site. The request fell on fertile ground; the city council signaled its approval for such a project.

Achim knochel of the company "moobi" from marktbreit explained his concept of a virtual city tour, which has already been implemented in other municipalities. Because many tourists are on the move with their cell phones, he described the idea of his company, which makes it possible to explore a city virtually, even if there is no guided tour of the city at the moment. Those interested could also take a virtual tour of the city from home. The system was based on a cell phone app, and QR codes were placed on individual landmarks or buildings. In addition to "moobi", the city council also wants to look at other providers.

The city council grants a printing subsidy of 200 euros for a volume on synagogues in lower franconia, which is being published by the evangelical lutheran church and the ministry of culture.

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