Persistent threatening e-mails to the office and a hitler comparison

Impulse control disorder. The man on the dock has already received this diagnosis twice from experts. Only: nothing has changed, there is no solution to the problem. At least not one that the unemployed man could afford. And so his hat regularly bursts, he goes full steam out of his skin. This regularly earns him fines, and he is still paying 30 euros a month from the last trial.

The man goes particularly berserk when he has to deal with his social security officer. Since 2016, the defendant has been receiving basic benefits, since then he has a clear enemy image: his case worker. And that just as fiercely as regularly. For some time now, this has resulted in charges being brought against him, because the man has had enough of the officialdom and no longer wants to put up with it all.

Omikron wave - queen cancels christmas lunch

Due to the rapidly spreading omicron variant of the coronavirus in great britain, queen elizabeth II. (95) their traditional pre-christmas family reunion canceled. This was announced by the palace on thursday.

Too many people’s christmas plans are at stake," palace sources said in a statement.

Christine kurzmann, student of augusto zunin (venezia), presents together with her husband jurgen kurzmann in the frame of an exhibition their latest jewelry creations with fascinating and partly rare opals as well as other precious stones. From saturday, 29. August, until tuesday, 8. September, can interested daily from 10.30 a.M. To 5 p.M. Admire the decorative pieces in the foyer of the rossini hall. Admission is free.

For over 30 years, the dedicated team has combined goldsmithing craftsmanship with artistic imagination. This is how perfectly shaped, lively, unique pieces full of harmony and visual lightness are created, the bayerische staatsbad gmbh announces. With nature as a model, the loving way of framing, which is carried out with an open flame, caresses the stone.

It might be interesting for the town of rodental to become a plantation owner? A question, which the green faction had brought to the meeting of the building senate on tuesday, led the senate into the green. The short-rotation plantation that was inspected by the members is located between waldsachsen and kipfendorf. What sounds like rodental is actually coburg. The energy forest in question is located in their city area.

The land, which covers around five hectares, is nevertheless ideally suited as an example for the production of renewable energy sources. Frank burger from the landesanstalt fur wald und forstwirtschaft (LWF) informed the senate about the possibility of generating energy through short-rotation plantations, as this form of land use is called.

After more than ten years, the hohenfeld guardian guild once again has a guardian queen. At the proclamation of the new majesties on kirchweihmonday the schutzenmeister and schutzenkonig of the previous year, michael graber, passed on the konigskette to elke pfeiffle. The wife of the freeholder city councilman landed the best low shot with a 376-piece and felt very honored. "That’s the high point of today", found oberburgermeister and schutzenkommissar siegfried muller and congratulated quite cordially.

"I shot without any intentions and didn’t put any pressure on myself", described the 46-year-old her recipe for success, after she had competed in the past six years of her membership in the hohenfeld guild of guards with ambitions at the konigsschieben, but the hoped-for success had not materialized. Uwe pfeiffle had also not yet achieved a majestic title and had not yet won a target. Curiously, the deputy head of the kitzinger land hospital was able to win the karl-nitsche trophy at the same time as his wife this year.

"Knetzgau is not a rich community", said mayor stefan paulus in view of the budget and financing plan during the youngest municipal council meeting. After the draft budget was presented and explained by chamberlain marco depner at the meeting a week ago, the municipal council now approved the draft budget for the current year and the financial plan up to the year 2021 with one vote against in each case.

Paul spoke of figures that were again very good and impressive. In the years 2017 to 2021, the municipality invests 30.6 million euros. From a rough list, there are a number of measures to be mentioned: the renovation of the dreiberg school with the sports facilities currently under construction (1.25 million euros), the municipal housing construction "an der klinge" (400,000 euros), the new construction and development of a new connecting road from the main road to the bieger road with demolition of the weber estate on the main road in knetzgau (300,000 euros), the village lighting with replacement of lights (170,000 euros) as well as playgrounds and playgrounds (150,000 euros).

Colorful, mischievous and saucy

"Ten years ago, no one knew him; no wonder, he speaks almost nothing. Most of the time he leaves the talking to his girlfriend amanda. But in the meantime he is, by appearances in "fastnacht in franken" known to an audience of millions and today they make a "belly landing" here with us!", bernhard back, an organizer of the neuschter kulturzaubers sebastian reich, announced how pierre ruby, the versatile entertainer from wurzburg, is called in real life.

The old auditorium was filled up to the last seat. With lots of shower howling and the backdrop flair of an airport and dusenjet on the stage, the "airmanda" took off, the airline known for wit, humor and the best, entertaining entertainment with chief pilot pierre ruby and, without them nothing works, chief stewardess amanda.

Corona situation in germany worsens

With urgent appeals to the population, chancellor angela merkel (CDU) and the self-infected health minister jens spahn (CDU) have again asked for help in containing the corona pandemic.

"Please continue to help and do not listen to those who downplay and appease. It’s serious," spahn said in a video posted on his facebook page on sunday.

51-year-old man assaulted in bamberg - three men arrested

Wednesday night, a 22-year-old woman called police and reported a brawl on zollnerstrabe, near the street "am heidelsteig" with. When the patrol arrived, they initially found only one witness. A short time later, however, an injured and bleeding 51-year-old man came to the scene. This one was apparently attacked by three men who had just come out of a doner store. The 51-year-old was riding his bicycle and was kicked off his bike by a 29-year-old main offender for seemingly no reason.

While the victim was lying on the ground, the 29-year-old kicked him several times with his fub on his upper body and chest. Screaming and calling for help, the cyclist came up and ran away. The 29-year-old and his 33-year-old buddy eventually ran after him. When the injured man stumbled and fell down, he was kicked again by the 29 year old lying on the ground. After that the accused could swear.

After the first team training sessions in more than two months, the basketball bundesliga has taken another step on the way to the championship tournament.

All players and coaches who were in germany before last weekend tested negative twice for the coronavirus at their ten teams, according to the BBL. How difficult the plan remains to keep the season going until 28. June to finish with 35 games in munich’s audi dome, however, the positive finding of a player arriving from abroad shows. This professional had no contact with his team at any time and was isolated, as the league announced.