Work and school come together in knetzgau

Work and school come together in knetzgau

Laura, who worked in a hairdressing salon, had come up with something: she cleverly showed off an updo. A professional woman – herself a trained hairdresser – attested to the eight-grader's astonishing skills. But laura is still undecided: "the profession would be something for me, but I don't know yet if I'll do it."

Emily had also decided to demonstrate a hands-on activity at her stand. She had worked as a florist in the flower store in westheim. At the "internship" showed them how to tie a wreath. She liked the job, but in the next six months she wants to get a taste of kindergarten to see if she likes the job of childcare worker. This is where lea had her practical day. She played with the children, did handicrafts and gymnastics, and read them stories. She says she enjoyed working in the kindergarten a lot.

A marketplace of opportunities
It's exactly what the new career guidance network wants: to present a marketplace of opportunities. Each trainee had set up and designed a stand where he or she provided information about his or her company, the job and the learning task in the company.

The network is embedded in an overall concept and an additional offer for schools. The personal potential of each young person is determined at the beginning, followed by continuous practical days after intensive preparation and a one-week introductory internship in local companies.

In this way, the school and the company want to increase the transition rate to dual training and warm up the companies for the skills of the high school students. In contrast to the previous internship, the students have been working in the company one day a week on thursdays since october. They gathered experience and information that was evaluated and processed in class. It is precisely the regularity of the program that allows the young people to get to know the realities of work in all its facets in a more lasting way than in a two-week internship.

Many new impressions come into view and have to be processed
And even if it's only one day a week, the changeover from school to company is a challenge for the schools. It takes time to get used to new people, new activities and a different daily rhythm. The intensive supervision was carried out jointly by the BFZ, the school and the company.

Therefore, for the eighth-grader philipp, tensioning bars, purlins, and local aisles are no longer foreign words. He worked in the markfelder carpentry shop in wohnau. As a learning task, he had built a model of a roof truss and labeled it with the appropriate technical terms. That looked good.

Rector hannelore glass opened the fair, and mayor stefan paulus and pasqualina leone from the BFZ (berufliche fortbildungszentren der bayerischen wirtschaft) in schweinfurt also addressed the attendees. They agreed: the young people develop maturity by having to be self-reliant, show commitment and be a team player.

Network supervisor bettina schmidt from the BFZ, teachers, parents and companies all worked together to ensure that activities, experiences and vocational knowledge were documented in a folder. And schmidt and the respective internship supervisor from the companies also helped each student to prepare the company learning task (a topic from the internship) in such a way that it was ready to be presented. The stands were decorated with posters, powerpoint presentations, tools, equipment, tools and work materials.

Hannelore glass, as she made clear, is very concerned about making the schools ready for training. The internship day is a first step towards this goal. And such a project was only so successful because all those involved had made a contribution. That impressed glass.

Mayor stefan paulus saw the money of the municipality in school and education well invested. He was impressed by the idealism and commitment of the students, who had improved their chances of gaining a foothold in the job market. Paulus said he was convinced that the students would find a suitable profession.

Pasqualina leone from the BFZ underlined the good cooperation between the cooperation partner and the school. There is no better career orientation than practical experience.

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