Thundorf building yard may not install urinals

Thundorf building yard may not install urinals

The meeting of the thundorf town council began with a site meeting in theinfeld district and then continued in the festival hall in thundorf. To the recapitulation from the castle meeting from 10. February various applications were inspected.

"According to the municipal code, recommendations of the castle assemblies are to be dealt with by the council", according to mayor judith dekant. There were no formal recommendations from the meetings to the municipal council. However, a number of questions and suggestions were also raised at the castle meetings, which were discussed again during the meeting and at the on-site meeting led by second mayor jurgen schleier.

Thumbs up for new lamp

Stations were various damages and settlements to the gemeindestraben, resp. The bridge at the music home, the progress of construction at the fire station, the church renovation and various renovation and painting works at the former raiffeisen warehouse. The installation of an additional street lamp in the area of the music home and the children’s playground is positively accepted by the municipal council. Schleier also explained that during the laying of underground cables along the hiking trail in the "grobtannig" area, a new cable was laid no proper site clearance has been carried out. It is to be checked whether the mabnahme is completed. On the way back to thundorf, reference was made to two accident-prone holes on both sides of the cycle path.

The application for building permission for the construction of a single-family dwelling with double garage in the "schlossfeld" building area was submitted on short notice in thundorf is granted. The builders linda halbig and michael kaiser intend to build a single-family house with a basement. The plot is located in the area of application of the development plan "an dem weichtunger weg". With regard to the eaves height, as well as the higher fill, an exemption from the provisions of the development plan is granted in each case. With the wall height of the garage a deviation is agreed upon.

Another application for building permission was submitted at short notice by christoph and sophia rothaug for the construction of a residential building with a garage in the "kutschenweg" development area in thundorf before. The municipal council approves the building project and grants the necessary exemptions from the provisions of the zoning plan.

In this context, councillor edwin braun made a motion to revise the municipal development plan in order to prevent the need to issue a decision on exemptions in connection with building applications.

Offers for renaturation

The renaturation of the randsbach has been a topic of discussion in the municipal council since 2015. On 23. On february 2017, the municipal council decided to commission the planning office dietz und partner from elfershausen with the renaturation of the watercourse. After a good two years, a restricted invitation to tender took place. The planning office reviewed the bids received. At the meeting on 26. September 2019 the municipal council decided to authorize the first mayor to award the contract to the most economical bidder.

The committee agreed to wait with the award of the contract to the company stolz, hammelburg, as the most favorable bidder, until a written confirmation of the water management office regarding a higher sum and review of the costs for the construction site equipment is available. After meanwhile many discussions and telephone calls with the planning office and the water management office it is now finally communicated that a concrete promise of the WWA for the assumption of the additional costs is not possible. The additional costs are recognized as part of the review of the proof of use.

Reasons requested for additional costs

Apart from the four remaining old municipal councillors, for the others the mabnahme is completely new territory. The committee wanted to have a justification for the additional costs, the demand and especially the list of the measures. For this reason, council member edwin braun requested that this item on the agenda be postponed. Mayor judith dekant is authorized to appoint a representative of the planning office for one of the next meetings.

Already in the last meeting of 28.May, the council had received a proposal from the "dorfgemeinschaft thundorf" for the installation of three contactless urinals in the men’s restroom in the festival hall in thundorf. After presentation of an offer the question arose from the ranks of the municipal council whether this installation could not be carried out by the municipal building yard for cost reasons and whether this work possibly has effects on a warranty claim. After consultation with the building yard manager, these reels without a supply system cannot be installed by the building yard. A discussion followed, especially about the costs, with or without installation. This question was finally clarified. Thereupon, the municipal council decided to award the work for the installation of three contactless coils to the company "barth haustechnik" stadtlauringen for the total price of 1.954,08 euro to be awarded.

No three mayors

The wish of mayor judith dekant at the constituent meeting to have one mayor for all three parts of the municipality was not accepted by the municipal council. In addition to the first mayor, the district of rothhausen also provides the third mayor and theinfeld, with jurgen schleier, the second mayor. This was the reason for appointing a local representative for thundorf. Sigrid hotaling, however, is of the opinion that this task should be carried out by the four thundorf municipal councillors in personal union. Edwin braun agreed with her, because it was possible to fill a deputy position at the constituent meeting, which was prevented by the election. Finally, three votes were in favor of a local officer, the rest voted against.

By the manager of the knitting cafe, anton bauernschubert, a request for the purchase of a pellet stove for the old forestry house was submitted to the community council. Inquiries of the administration to comparable acquisitions resulted in costs of 2.000 to 3.000 euro. The owner of the former forestry house is the municipality, responsible for the management of the "village community". Before the meeting, however, this application was withdrawn because it was allegedly made on her own initiative, without the approval of the board of directors. Councillor sigrid hotaling, chairwoman of the "village community" association explained that the request will not be withdrawn, but rather only postponed to the fall. This motion is approved by a majority and the motion of anton bauernschubert is withdrawn.

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