Animal visitors delight home residents

They were emma, lena, lilly and johnny and provided an afternoon of entertainment at the friedrich-baur senior citizens' center sankt kunigund in altenkunstadt. The guests, however, were not girls and boys from the kreuzberg daycare center, who regularly delight the residents of the home with their performances, but four-legged friends.

No transport bottleneck

The visit of the "meeting point dog from michelau will be remembered by the women and men for a long time to come. "There's quite a lot going on here", stated sonja kraus and tanja dauer. The social services staff were delighted to see how well seniors and dogs get along. There was no sign of fear of contact on either side. The four-legged friends, including a dachshund, a poodle, a yorkshire terrier as well as a border collie and a golden retriever, enjoyed the petting sessions with which the residents of the home roughly provided them. Senior helene bluchel and the two and a half year old rumba immediately made friends. "I used to have a dog myself", many seniors remembered wistfully. "The meeting point dog was founded in 2002 and belongs to the bavarian state association for dog sports.", explained dieter scheuering.
The chairman was accompanied by a kelpie, which is descended from an australian breed of dog. The offers of the michelau dog lovers are broadly diversified. The palette ranges from puppy playtime to basic training of young and adult dogs to entry into dog sports. "In the foreground, however, is always the spab with our dogs", emphasized scheuering. In the garden of the senior center, the animals were allowed to show what they had learned during weekly training sessions. They ran through a hose and made room when their masters or mistresses wanted to talk to them. For a dog must not interrupt speech. A four-legged friend must learn to obey a clear no from its owner. This is especially true for "leckerlis", offered to him or that he finds. "It could also be something poisonous", the chairman said. After the demonstrations, the animals were allowed to romp around in the garden.

A real treat

"They're all young guys who like to bloddle a little bit", explained scheuering with a wink of the eye. The home staff had provided lots of treats for the four-legged guests. The dogs did not leave the side until the last snack had been eaten. "That was great. Our seniors have really blossomed. I hope you will come back soon.", emphasized Sonja Kraus.

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