The zaubach bridge is passable again

Inconvenience to residents in the "an der zaubach" area over the past ten years, the foundation has had to struggle for.

The bridge over the zaubach is the only connection to the road network; the poor structural condition even led to a load limitation of three tons a few years ago. As a result, residents had to obtain special permits when they had to make deliveries, for example.

The floods of 2011 finished off the structure, the bridge was literally lifted out of its hinges, and renovation could no longer be postponed. Luckily, as it turned out when the demolition was finished. The iron girders under the roadway had already rusted through and the bridge could have collapsed.

Rough roadway width
During the renovation work, which began in july, the bridge was the roadway's width has been reduced from six meters to 5.5 meters. The structure is widened towards the properties on the zaubach, so that coarser vehicles can also pass through.

Good 200.The bridge renovation alone cost 125,000 euros.000 euro has received a sixty percent subsidy.

Once again 65.According to mayor roland wolfrum (SPD), the project involved an investment of around 110 meters in order to renew the dilapidated water pipeline from the houses up to federal road 303.

Costs divided
The paving of the flats in front of the houses for about 6000 euro has been paid by the city and the residents in equal shares. The access road from bundesstrabe 303 was also provided with a new asphalt layer.

Conny bauer, like his neighbors, is pleased that the small residential area on the zaubach has now been properly developed. "A neat and tidy job. We are very satisfied."

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