Cdu gives green light for black-red

At a small party conference, there were no no votes and two abstentions from the ranks of economic politicians. Chancellor angela merkel (CDU) promised the citizens of burgundy a strong government that wants to tackle important projects: "we have to be able to handle major tasks." Younger politicians and the CDU’s business wing raised concerns, especially about pension plans costing billions of euros.

Merkel told the 167 CDU delegates in berlin that the decisive factor for her was that germany could be better off in 2017 with the coalition agreement than it is today. After narrowly missing out on a majority of its own in the parliamentary elections on 22 june, the union. September "did not go headlong into any constellation". In the exploratory talks with the greens and in the negotiations with the SPD, the aim was to implement a maximum of their own positions in terms of content.

Julian nagelsmann women what to expect from jose mourinho. "He is ripped off in all areas.

He does certain things in the coaching zone with calculus," said the RB leipzig coach ahead of the champions league round of 16 first leg at tottenham hotspur. If the portuguese’s infamous mind games come to pass, nagelsmann plans to play on wednesday (21.00 a.M./DAZN) hold his own – until the referee intervenes. "Then we both sit on the tribune and eat a sausage sandwich," said the 32-year-old with a grin.

Afd founding member konrad adam turns his back on party

With the journalist konrad adam (78), the last of the three afd founding chairmen is now also leaving the party.

"On 1. January 2021, i will no longer be a member of the afd," adam told the deutsche presse-agentur in berlin. He no longer sees a future for the afd as a "civic conservative" force, he explained his decision.