Colorful, mischievous and saucy

"Ten years ago, no one knew him; no wonder, he speaks almost nothing. Most of the time he leaves the talking to his girlfriend amanda. But in the meantime he is, by appearances in "fastnacht in franken" known to an audience of millions and today they make a "belly landing" here with us!", bernhard back, an organizer of the neuschter kulturzaubers sebastian reich, announced how pierre ruby, the versatile entertainer from wurzburg, is called in real life.

The old auditorium was filled up to the last seat. With lots of shower howling and the backdrop flair of an airport and dusenjet on the stage, the "airmanda" took off, the airline known for wit, humor and the best, entertaining entertainment with chief pilot pierre ruby and, without them nothing works, chief stewardess amanda.

Coburg- the silence of the night is interrupted by three piercing horn sounds. One or two passers-by walking through the market square at a later hour wonder what the costumed man is doing there with a cutlass in his hand. Shortly after, he also starts singing to take his listeners to the time of the night watchmen.

Nighttime time travel

For almost a year now, stefan leis has been slipping into the role of an old night watchman once a month and taking locals and tourists on a journey through time. "I have been a part-time guest guide for about two years", explains leis "however, my normal job became too desk-heavy for me, which is why I additionally trained as a night watchman." The 57-year-old is always fascinated by coburg at night, and he tells his guests: "the market square is very nice by day, but it’s even nicer at night." Enthusiastic nodding among the tourists, some snap a few souvenir photos.

Heavy criticism of 'catastrophe event' at bahn

Many delays, technical problems and too little money: in view of the numerous construction sites at deutsche bahn, the management of the state-owned company is coming under heavy fire.

"This has become one big catastrophe event," scolded railroad supervisory board member klaus-dieter hommel, who is also vice head of the railroad and transport union (EVG). "If the german railroads were a car manufacturer, the steering wheels would be mounted on the back and the wheels on top," hommel told the "welt am sunday" ("wams").