The plan, concept and cost breakdown were pleasing

the plan, concept and cost breakdown were pleasing

The new indoor swimming pool on coburger strabe is as good as in dry (hand) cloths (to stay in the picture): despite the grumbling of some local politicians from the main valley in the run-up, the agreements between the district and the city of ebern on the construction of the indoor swimming pool were passed without a murmur – across party lines even unanimously – in the district committee, in which the top representatives of all district council factions are represented, yesterday tuesday afternoon.

Accordingly, ebern bears all the additional costs incurred by the public use compared to a school swimming pool (975,000 euros). The rest is distributed among the different schools according to the number of classes (see list below). Compared to earlier cost estimates, the county's share has been slightly reduced due to a higher state subsidy (1.8 million euros). A flat/cost formula was applied to the construction costs.

The later operating costs were based on an apportionment according to the hourly use. Therefore, 70 percent of the annual costs (185,000 euros) will fall on ebern and its school association. 30 percent (76,000 euros) will be paid by the district. From his own experience, habfurt's mayor rudi eck (free) recommended: "i recommend that the people of ebern budget a little more for costs, because these estimates will not be enough", he has read out of the approach for the salary of a pool attendant alone.

Apart from that, the discussion in the district committee was only about small matters. For example, who will pay for the relocation of the DFB mini-pitch?? "We will also make our contribution", promised ebern's mayor robert herrmann (CSU).

Werner thein (SPD) asked about the service life of the roof construction with glue beams. "Not that it will give up its ghost even after 40 years." Head of the building department eva mangold referred to the visible construction, which already brings considerable advantages. Nevertheless, she acknowledged that "after 30 years, an indoor swimming pool is not only depreciated, but also used up.

Planner hans gruber referred to several preliminary talks with the government of lower franconia, which had been very helpful. "We have been certified to have been very economical with the cubature. And then there were suggestions such as combining the handicapped and toddler areas in the locker rooms, which would save even more space."

Gruber again explained the discrepancies between cost estimation and calculation: "we need more foundation technology, additional areas after coordination with the specialist planners, especially for ventilation, and the construction prices are currently high."

No luxury pool
Rudi Eck wanted to know whether the size of the pool was only in line with the standard for school sports stadiums? The answer was given by the colleague from ebern: "yes, which is why no maximum size was chosen for supra-local championships. They should continue to be held in the county seat."

Robert herrmann also pointed out that "the immense income from public use will benefit the city of ebern."

Jurgen hennemann (SPD) wanted to know what the situation was regarding the use of the facility by other schools? District administrator rudolf handwerker (CSU) referred to corresponding user declarations. For wilhelm schneider (CSU), chairman of the school association in maroldsweisach, it was "out of the question that a new indoor swimming pool would be used if the price was right". Klemens albert (odp) saw more of a problem in the fact that the quota of free hours was not sufficient. A concern that was not shared by head of department horst hofmann. "We can do that."

District administrator rudolf handwerker once again addressed the criticism of the time schedule, as it had recently been voiced by the kulturring. "They could not be compressed any further. We're going as fast as we can", insured craftsmen.

The district council still has to approve the project on 4 april. November and the school associations, which took part in the 18. November in ebern days.

This is how the costs for the new indoor swimming pool are distributed

total cost 6.5 million euros (estimated and rounded);

county share (for gymnasium and realschule): 2.43 million euros;

share of the city of ebern (for public and club use, primary and secondary school): 1.97 million euros;

state subsidy (exclusively for a school swimming pool): 1.8 million euro;

rentweinsdorf share (for elementary and secondary school): 215,000 euros;

share untermerzbach (for middle school): 67 000 euro;

burgpreppach's share (for the middle school): 33,000 euros;

konigsberg share (for secondary school): 13 000 euro.

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