Breakfast: macaroni for the macker

breakfast: macaroni for the macker

No one can get past the noodle. It already starts with schiller and his wilhelm tell: "through this hollow noodle he will come!Even in star wars the noodle appears as a 1-a staple: "may the noodle be with you"!"

It is not surprising that there is a world noodle day, which – as luck would have it – wants to be celebrated exactly today. Our people are more or less stuck with the macaroni. Then it gets tricky: penne – that could be those short, tube-shaped noodles with the ends cut diagonally. But what do anelletti look like? And cannelloni – were they these thick things?? Or are we just confusing this with rigatoni?

In the contest of noodle types, the ulknudel has for years – unfortunately, unfortunately – been somewhat neglected. What seems to be fundamentally different, however, is ronald pofalla’s intervention. In the summer, the man had declared the NSA spying affair to be over – but somehow forgot to tell his chancellor as well.

Maybe the ulknudel will also wonder why it is okay to spy on a whole nation all the time, but why the spab stops immediately when it comes to a female chancellor.

Speaking of spab. If you are still waiting for the dialogue on the world day of noodles – here it comes: she: "tortellini for my macker!" He: "macaroni for my cake!"

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