“The storm” comes to ludwigsstadt

The shakespeare plays, which took to the stage for the first time in 2011, proved to be a surprise success: the ludwigsstadt, which has a population of 3,500, was able to bury over 2,000 spectators at the new upper franconian theater festival. Among them guests from all over bavaria, thuringia and beyond.

Especially the lively and unusual concept of the shakespeare-plays was well received. Because in ludwigsstadt, the great classics of world literature are performed in dialect, which works in an amazing way and allows a completely new, fresh and entertaining look at shakespeare's works.

Unique concept

The shakespeare-spiele-ludwigsstadt offers a concept that is unique in germany: shakespeare's works – the rough classics of world literature – as modern folk theater in dialect.

This year the shakespeare-spiele-ludwigsstadt presents william shakespeare's comedy "the storm. The play really offers everything that makes a good and full theater evening: conspiracies and betrayals, ghosts, monsters and attempted murders, but also happy entanglements, lots and lots of fun and a romantic love affair.

Production by daniel leistner

The piece is at once a romantic comedy and a thoughtful marche. In the production of daniel leistner, the intendant of "faust-kronach festival, "the storm" is performed popular, understandable and entertaining stories, sometimes thoughtful, serious and poignant, but also wild, crazy, turbulent and funny.

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