Comment: condemnation of the sea rescuer is a wrong signal!

The good news first: claus-peter reisch does not have to go to jail. Nevertheless, he was sentenced to a fine in malta on tuesday – because his rescue ship "lifeline" had been damaged had not been properly registered at the time. A formal error, if anything. That he should pay the 10,000 euros to refugee aid organizations seems absurd, considering that he himself set sail for one and rescued more than 230 migrants from the mediterranean on his ship. The NGO "mission lifeline wants to appeal. This is absolutely understandable.

This is what happened: "lifeline-captain on malta sentenced to fine

A number of people are guilty in this debate. Reisch and his people are not among them. 494 migrants have already drowned in the mediterranean this year. Sustainable development aid, disarmament, turning away from turbo-capitalism: instead of criminalizing sea rescuers, the EU should finally bring unwilling state leaders onto a common, humanitarian course. Fleeing people don’t get into junked rubber dinghies for fun – those who don’t see prospects will continue to put their lives on the line.

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