The musicians of the city of habfurt are rustet

Ow, ow, the very first tests are hoarding a bit like cat music – but they still have a little time to practice! For the "bayern 1 summer trip, which will be held on 1. September in habfurt am main, horst lohs, hubert muller, reiner schuster and helene friedrich enter the ring with a huge hoopla. At the city competition, these proven dignitaries will uphold the honor of the county town, and the inaugurated female: they'll make the!

All of them are great entertainers
After all, they are all known like the proverbial colorful dogs, and they have already moved many things in the city. Whether it is horst lohs, who has been directing the TV basket ball team for 45 years, with the "tornados at carnival with the "eleven wise hares heene friedrich has been making waves for over ten years – and – by the way – has also played the drums for five years.

Or hubert muller, who in the past few years as conductor has reanimated the augsfeld musicians, i.E. The church music band in the small town, to such an extent that a junior group is now diligently practicing. Helene friedrich is a household name as head of the meefest committee, as is reiner schuster when it comes to the fire department. As acting (third) mayor, schuster can therefore rely on cunning forces.

Maker friedrich had first meeting "instruments" on friday brought along. All found objects from the attic of her mother-in-law. Yes, the song that the audience has to guess is intoned on commodities! Otherwise it was too easy.

In the bayern 1 competition, the four cities on the summer tour, nordlingen, konigsbrunn, kemnath and habfurt, collect points in four rounds of games, because each wants to win the five-day soccer camp for 50 children, which is run by the bavarian soccer association. The game rounds (fubball quiz, giant puzzle, town musicians and newspaper flier) take place on the participation stage.

Spying on sunday
"Habfurt should win – we give everything!", the four town musicians immediately swore by the motto that helene friedrich spontaneously pronounced. And it was also a matter of honor to take a closer look at the others in kemnath on sunday.

What has been offered so far on the summer trip was, according to the horen, as the four unanimously judged, a bit old-fashioned. The habfurt team will certainly want to do better than that. Tin strips, zinc tubs, old cooking pots, graters, garden hoses, wooden barrels, funnels, various batons – the trunk of helene friedrich's car offered an almost inexhaustible variety of possibilities.

"The meier's pipe, that's what we still need", conductor muller judged expertly, and reiner schuster summed up before marching off heavily laden towards the rehearsal room: "today it's getting serious. Let's see what we will use there. … Hubert has to tell us what to do."

This is a secret
The town musicians kept absolutely silent before deciding which title they wanted to play for. They want to let their instrumental art speak for itself.

But one thing is already certain. The habfurt town musicians are on sunday, 1. September, not only a feast for the ears but also for the eyes. It is advisable to come to the gries and see this spectacle with your own eyes. As a sheer radio listener, you are deprived of the pleasure of experiencing the colorful birds live.

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