Lebenshilfe grows and plans the next home

Lebenshilfe grows and plans the next home

The general meeting of the lebenshilfe erlangen-hochstadt (west) in the parish hall of st. Otto in herzogenaurach. The program included the annual review, honors, discharge of the supervisory board and its election.

As reported by ulrich wustmann, chairman of the supervisory board, the association currently has 592 members, 65 of whom were present at the meeting. With the integration of WAB kosbach, lebenshilfe took over responsibility for 100 employees, as well as more than 100 inpatient and 30 outpatient places of residence.

One goal is the establishment of a specialist school for special education in the rooms at burgstallerweg with a renowned sponsor, the gemeinnutzige gesellschaft fur soziale dienste in bavaria with headquarters in nurnberg. The aim is to train qualified personnel for the lebenshilfe facilities.

Pioneering concept

At the district level, the expansion of the life support representation has been achieved; in addition to the full-time district representative, a specialist is now employed. This constellation in central franconia was groundbreaking. Wustmann is certain: "you have to be prepared to go different ways, to be courageous, to be faster, to be prepared to enter into partnerships with a view to the challenges of the future."

In his speech, managing director josef hennemann addressed the operational level. Since the implementation of the federal partial participation act (BTHG), things have changed: "the person being cared for is a ‘customer’ with us!" Lebenshilfe is becoming more of a companion, because "individual assistance is an enrichment and an added value for people".

The operation of the aurach workshop is going well, but there are too few places in the area of the demand posts. The school preparation facility is also well received. In the future, a residential home is planned in beethovenstrabe.

The articles of association required new elections for the supervisory board, whose members again stood for office in their entirety. In addition, many long-serving members were honored, and gitta lysy recalled that the association had 35 members when she joined 45 years ago. "This has developed into something we can be proud of!"

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