Snooker genius o’sullivan: “is not my thing”

Snooker genius o'sullivan: 'is not my thing'

In his right hand the world championship trophy, on his left arm the proud son ronnie junior: for snooker genius ronnie O’sullivan the fifth world championship title was different from all before.

Since his triumph the previous year, the eccentric englishman had taken almost a year off, playing only one mandatory match. Even without any playing experience, the 37-year-old beat last year’s finalist allister "alli" carter, young star judd trump and compatriot barry hawkins 18:12 in the final at the crucible theater in sheffield. For the first time since 1996, the defending champion has won the final.

After the two-day final, when his victory in the billiards competition was decided, O’sullivan raised his fist and was celebrated by the 1000 or so spectators in the converted theater – only to leave them in the dark once again about whether he will continue to inspire them with his unique talent.

"Snooker is not my thing," O’sullivan proclaimed over the course of the tournament, which lasted just over two weeks. Or: "i only played because i needed some money." For example, to pay his son’s school fees. Or to meet demands of his ex-girlfriend and lawyers. "It’s a slaughter. It’s not already owing people money," said O’sullivan. The fifth title after 2001, 2004, 2008 and 2012 brought him the equivalent of almost 300,000 euros.

Fans and competitors can sometimes only marvel at how safely and quickly "the rocket" maneuvers the small balls into the pockets on the almost 3.60-meter-long table, holding the queue with the left instead of the right as needed. But the dominator seems to have an intimate love-hate relationship with what he does best. It was the people around the snooker that he missed, not the game itself, O’sullivan said during the world cup.

But there he seems to be able to dispel all his worries for a while. Addiction problems, a prison sentence for manslaughter for his father, who was now in the public eye, in addition to the lavish expenses and depressive thrusts, from which, however, he is now better able to free himself thanks to the cooperation with a psychologist. He also managed to do that during this world cup.

"It wasn’t just a walk in the park. It doesn’t look like it, but sometimes you’re this close to breaking. I am not good at dealing with pressure. Maybe I’m better off on some barge on a canal," O’sullivan candidly admitted.

Because he had enough of everything, he even worked on a farm last year. He doesn’t want to be a millionaire, like everyone else he wants to have food in the fridge and a normal job, he stressed during the world cup. In addition, an obscene gesture caused a stir in the gentleman’s sport of shirt and bow tie wearing, for which he was warned by the referee.

Even though o’sullivan stated after the final that he would prefer to play only in small tournaments and thus fulfill his obligations, there is hope for his coarse fan community. "I don’t know where all the money went. So I can’t afford to resign," he admitted in sheffield. "You can never, ever, ever, ever say never."

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