Procedure to be followed in the event of suspected food insecurity in dogs

However, the cause of the dog’s symptoms is not always immediately apparent and in many cases cannot be explained by a simple parasite infestation. The symptoms fit a variety of diseases.

A feed imbalance could have been a cause. A visit to a veterinarian often provides clarity. As a rule, a precise diagnosis of feed incompatibility requires a prior elimination or treatment of the feed. Exclusion diet, in which the animal is initially fed only a single feed until improvement occurs. Then provocation tests are carried out to determine which feed is unacceptable.

For the animal’s sake, it should not be treated on its own without prior consultation with the veterinarian, as unnecessary provocation attempts stress the intestinal flora and the diet is very unbalanced during the diet.

What to do when diagnosed with an intolerance to cereals?

The right dog food in case of intolerance to cereals

It is advisable to change the food as soon as possible in order to spare the dog further stress and strain. In a grain-free dog food, alternative vegetable sources of carbohydrates, such as. B. Potatoes, taken back.

If the dog does not react to any cereal, but only to cereals containing gluten, z. B. Dog food with millet, corn or rice can be fed, as these do not contain gluten.

Many types of feed contain grain. If there is a feed incompatibility, look absolutely for the addition "grain-free" or "without addition of grain" with the feed purchase. A grain-free dog food is also a gluten-free dog food.

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