Knetzgau has a lot of plans

"Knetzgau is not a rich community", said mayor stefan paulus in view of the budget and financing plan during the youngest municipal council meeting. After the draft budget was presented and explained by chamberlain marco depner at the meeting a week ago, the municipal council now approved the draft budget for the current year and the financial plan up to the year 2021 with one vote against in each case.

Paul spoke of figures that were again very good and impressive. In the years 2017 to 2021, the municipality invests 30.6 million euros. From a rough list, there are a number of measures to be mentioned: the renovation of the dreiberg school with the sports facilities currently under construction (1.25 million euros), the municipal housing construction "an der klinge" (400,000 euros), the new construction and development of a new connecting road from the main road to the bieger road with demolition of the weber estate on the main road in knetzgau (300,000 euros), the village lighting with replacement of lights (170,000 euros) as well as playgrounds and playgrounds (150,000 euros).

Below the national average

According to the financial plan, the state of the general reserve amounts to 31. December 2021, the community will still receive around 286,000 euros, which is the same as the statutory minimum pension. This year and next year, about 3.6 million euros will be taken from the budget to finance the investments. The loan balance at the end of the current year is expected to be 3.7 million euros.

This means a per capita debt of 571 euros. In comparison, the national average is 1285 euros. If all of the m reductions listed in the capital program are implemented, the debt level at the end of 2021 will be 6.55 million euros.

Despite good figures, stefan paulus did not describe the community as rich. Knetzgau ranks 14th out of the 26 municipalities in terms of financial and tax revenue. In the years 2013 to 2015, knetzgau was the municipality with the lowest taxes in the entire district.

Money for the everyday life of the burger

In the mayor's view, the reasons for the good financial situation lie in the responsible and economical actions of the administration and the town council. The budget shows that not only urgently needed projects that cost the community a lot of money, such as the school, are being financed. Attention will also be paid to projects that will make the everyday life of the citizens of burgenland easier.

Here paulus mentioned the creation of barrier-free walkways and a planned skating facility for young people, which is budgeted at 150,000 euros. The swimming pool will also require an enormous effort. But new tasks, such as changes in legislation in the area of information security and data protection, also led to expenditures. According to paul, the municipality will remain efficient and solvent and will continue to invest wisely and sustainably in the coming years.

Plans for the swimming pool in knetzgau

In the speeches of mark zehe (CSU), robert beetz (CWG), heinrich during (SPD), bernhard jilke (FDP/FB) and florian klug (committee JL/grune) the thanks to mayor, chamberlain marco depner as well as the employees in the town hall were expressed. The faction chairmen were unanimous in their concern for the future of the knetzgau swimming pool. They asked the municipality to do everything possible to benefit from a state subsidy so that the school swimming pool would continue to be a factor for the location of the school. After a thorough review and consideration of all the points raised by the speakers, the budget was approved.

The council also voted in favor of the building application of the municipality of knetzgau for the construction of a multi-family house in the landmark "an der klinge" with one vote against in knetzgau. According to mayor paulus, the costs amount to around 1.7 million euros. The loan for the project in the amount of 900,000 euros, as estimated in the budget, remains unchanged. In total, ten residential units are planned in the multi-family house with a total living space of 600 square meters.

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