Rehearsing for the rough performance

Rehearsing for the rough performance

Where others normally practice winter sports, the brass players of the weisachtaler blasmusik maroldsweisach prepared for their spring concert. Rehearsal weekend in scheibe-alsbach, thuringia, was three days of action.

For the first time the weisachtaler went to the thuringer wald to prepare for the concert. The musicians rehearsed for three days at the gold and mineral magic world, a vacation facility for schoolchildren and club groups.

The focus was, of course, the musical works selected by conductor braudo for the spring concert "the final touch" to lend. After first of all the registers of woodworkers, high sheet metal, low sheet metal and beating mill in the individual groups tagsuber their "problem spots" conductor braudo eliminated all the problems during the evening rehearsals and combined the pieces into a coherent whole.

Although the concentrated rehearsal work demanded everything from the musicians, who ranged in age from 14 to 82, there was still enough time for community activities in the evenings.

Whether playing billiards, cards or simply celebrating in the cozy fireplace room. Fun and team spirit were not neglected at all during the three days.

Concert program refined

On sunday morning conductor braudo invited again to the dress rehearsal, where the complete concert program was refined once more, so that everything will work out at the upcoming concert.

For the spring concert next saturday, 27. April, dimitry braudo and his weisachtaler have again rehearsed an appealing musical program. "With our pieces we would like to address a wide audience again.", explained conductor braudo. "All musicians were invited to contribute their own ideas for the selection of the pieces." The result is a colorful mix of well-known hits, film melodies, solo pieces and traditional works.

So the visitors can be curious. There is a change in the venue this year: the concert of the weisachtaler blasmusik will take place in the auditorium of the middle school in maroldsweisach, because the hartlebsaal is not available this year. Start is at 19.30 o'clock. This year, the weisachtaler have as guests the musical association "bergesklange" invited from witzmannsberg stm.

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