Schutzengesellschaft neustadt celebrated its coarse konigstafel

Schutzengesellschaft neustadt celebrated its coarse konigstafel

The 2018/19 sports protection season of the privileged protection society of 1533 neustadt is gradually coming to an end. Traditionally, the festivities for the feast of the guardians began with the royal table on thursday evening. Once again, the still reigning regent michael buchner and youth king malte hahn dined in the konigshaus at the halskestrabe in the circle of their court princely. A welcome opportunity for guardian master lutz wachsmuth to thank for the successful year in this festive atmosphere and to honor deserving guardian brothers for 25/40 years of association loyalty with honorary pins and certificates.

In addition, there was a special honor from the bayerischer sportschutzenbund (BSSB): the two flag bearers were awarded for this honorable task, klaus gobler for 15 years with gold and martin brieger for ten years with silver. This year, neustadt's third mayor martin stingl (SPD) was also one of the loyal jubilarians, for 25 years. Stingl, in his speech, said: "we in the city of new town express our sincere gratitude for the fact that the privileged guardian society, in the form in which it is celebrated today and as it will continue in the days to come, has not completely abandoned the tradition of the guardian festival"." The problem is known to all. "A rough and tumble festival can't be held on our terrain. That is why we are all the more grateful that it is still preserved in the form in which it has been going on for several years. Preserving tradition is an essential aspect", thanked the mayor. "I think it's admirable that the average age today, in this setting, is respectable: we have a lot of young people on the board! And that's why I say: boys, girls, hang in there, that's what we need, a build up from the bottom. We, the seniors, won't last forever. Without you, however, tradition cannot be preserved in the future." And stingl also thanked those responsible who managed to get the youngsters involved again.

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Schutzenmeister wachsmuth also received a special mayoral commendation for his commitment to the day of the french (7. July) together with the sonnebergers schutzen prasent to be. "We have now reached the stage where the bird show in sumbarch, which was to take place on 7 july anyway, can be held. July had taken place, now the 7. July, adapted to the day of the franken, has been appropriately spruced up and provided with glitter, that the BSSB participates with our schutzen", said stingl. There will be a big parade in sonneberg and wachsmuth has organized the music. "And that's exactly what we have here in neustadt: when it comes down to it, people stand together, for which I thank you and congratulate society", stingl was pleased.

"I am happy that we have such members who also live the tradition or still remind us what tradition means. We have made the balancing act and want a young club with tradition. We are on a good way. We are a sporting club and are looking to the future", thanked wachsmuth. On friday evening the outgoing majesties buchner and jungkonig malte hahn entertained their guests. On saturday afternoon, the flag will be taken down, and cannon shots will loudly announce the new regents. The "schutzen-fruhschoppen" invites you to the traditional "stammtisch" in the "konigshaus".

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