27 Young people from kehlbach join in

27 young people from kehlbach join in

The girls shone in their traditional costumes, which consisted of petticoat, skirt, blouse, bodice, skirt and ribbons. Andreas buttner is "zechbursch" for the fifth time this year. His "zech", eva schnappauf, is there for the second time. Both did not want to miss this celebration. Finally, the trachtenkirchweih is the high point in the calendar of events. Both black from the meetings that took place in advance, where they discussed who would take which part. Finally, music bands had to be ordered, people had to be found for the service and the bar service.
The organization of this festival demands community and cohesion. The festival is great fun and makes you forget about everyday life, says andreas buttner. Both are proud that this year a total of 27 young people agreed to take part in the trachtenkirchweih. This game, they both know, is also a great way to promote kehlbach. Because every year many visitors and young people from outside come to the frankenwald village.
The "zecher" considered this a success, the dance events on saturday. The culture hall is bursting at the seams. The atmosphere was great. 

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