Women-power: hohenfeld has a guardian queen in elke pfeiffle

After more than ten years, the hohenfeld guardian guild once again has a guardian queen. At the proclamation of the new majesties on kirchweihmonday the schutzenmeister and schutzenkonig of the previous year, michael graber, passed on the konigskette to elke pfeiffle. The wife of the freeholder city councilman landed the best low shot with a 376-piece and felt very honored. "That’s the high point of today", found oberburgermeister and schutzenkommissar siegfried muller and congratulated quite cordially.

"I shot without any intentions and didn’t put any pressure on myself", described the 46-year-old her recipe for success, after she had competed in the past six years of her membership in the hohenfeld guild of guards with ambitions at the konigsschieben, but the hoped-for success had not materialized. Uwe pfeiffle had also not yet achieved a majestic title and had not yet won a target. Curiously, the deputy head of the kitzinger land hospital was able to win the karl-nitsche trophy at the same time as his wife this year.

Ralph hofmann as 1. Knight and fernando scheckenbach as 2. Knights stand by the new majesty. "It’s not christmas yet, but i’m going to start giving presents", said michael graber in his introduction to the proclamation and prize distribution in the schutzenhaus. "The hohenfeld associations stick together and organize a nice kirchweih every year and keep tradition alive", the mayor praised the burgers in the district. The guests spontaneously sang a "trullala" to muller, he was present at the proclamation in hohenfeld for the last time as mayor.

Michael graber won the alfred beigel cup and bernd sieber was unbeatable in the friedrich seynstahl cup. At the burgerschieben, stefanie enck earned the title of burgers queen. When muller proclaimed her burgher queen, there was a roar of applause and the groblangheim musicians played a blare of music. Her stand nadja wahner as 1. Knight and monika weidt as 2. Knight to the side. Gerd heiser aimed best as burgerkonig, behind him were hagen kirchner 1. Knight and frank weidt 2. Knights. In the team ranking, the team hasenlauf came out on top, followed by the kuchenprofis and the porsche team.

The schutzen had made their extended parade through the village with seven stations in the afternoon and celebrated vigorously. Siegfried muller paid tribute to the groblangheimer musicians, because with their good music the running was a pleasure. Afterwards, the schutzenhaus was the place to be, and the atmosphere to the sound of the kirchweihaus was splendid.

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