Persistent threatening e-mails to the office and a hitler comparison

Persistent threatening e-mails to the office and a hitler comparison

Impulse control disorder. The man on the dock has already received this diagnosis twice from experts. Only: nothing has changed, there is no solution to the problem. At least not one that the unemployed man could afford. And so his hat regularly bursts, he goes full steam out of his skin. This regularly earns him fines, and he is still paying 30 euros a month from the last trial.

The man goes particularly berserk when he has to deal with his social security officer. Since 2016, the defendant has been receiving basic benefits, since then he has a clear enemy image: his case worker. And that just as fiercely as regularly. For some time now, this has resulted in charges being brought against him, because the man has had enough of the officialdom and no longer wants to put up with it all.

Identity card expired

All these are mainly insults, insults and threats. Often a pretty wild mix. Like last march, when a police check revealed that the man’s identity card had expired. Because a new ID card costs money, the penniless man knocked on the door of his case worker to get an advance payment. The refusal to immediately rub the hat string. Immediately, bose mails were sent out, in which a hitler comparison was just as unavoidable as a rather veritable threat: "take care of your children"!"

Also at his hearing at the kitzinger district court the hat cord threatens to rub more often, in the last moment the accused gets himself then nevertheless again and again: "I say now nothing more" – this is actually not the worst strategy. That there truly not the easiest contemporary sits before it, was also fast for criminal judge patricia finkenberger clear.

Imprisonment in sight

And something else is clear: the defendant can no longer get away with much, he is on the verge of a custodial sentence because of all the previous stories. Even if there is still no solution to the problem of impulse control, at least on this day the cow is taken off the ice: the appeal against the penalty order is withdrawn, so that worse things are ruled out for the time being. However, the unrestrained man has to pay a fine of 1350 euros (90 daily rates of 15 euros each), which he will have to chew on for a long time.

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