“Combilosung” is to come

Instrument flight to bamberger airfield breitenau, a permanent permit for instrument flight at coburg airfield brandensteinsebene – that's the "kombilosung", to cover the needs of local companies for their internal factory air traffic with their own aircraft.
However, something must also be done at the coburg airport, the grunen faction in the city council thought, and submitted a corresponding motion that the administration should take action. But this application is already outdated, said mayor norbert tessmer (SPD) in the meeting on thursday: there had already been talks with bamberg and the air office of northern bavaria. The city must provide money to further improve the airfield if the city council so decides – probably in december. Only then could the aeroclub, as the operator of the airfield, apply for a permanent license for instrument flight operations.
The second motion of the grunen to cancel the zoning procedure for a new airfield near neida was not dealt with at all. This procedure is "dormant in the event that the "kombilosung" does not work out but it doesn't work out. This had been approved by the city council in its septembersitzung. Since then, there has been no change in the factual and legal situation, and the motion is therefore closed, according to the draft resolution. 

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