International cuisine at the cookery meeting in reiterswiesen

The children show the way. All they need is a few balloons and aya, sedil, mohamad and barra will join anton and mathis for a happy romp. Beruhrungsangste? There is not. Language? Presented. Spab? And like!

Things are not quite as loud in the kitchen. But also here there is a lot of laughter. When robert looks for salt in the kitchen and monika doesn’t want to believe that hummus is an oriental appetizer. Sidra explains that it is made from ground chickpeas with finely chopped thyme. Fulled wine leaves are served and dumplings filled with sheep’s milk cheese are prepared. Afghan specialties, flatbreads, turkish bread, lots of fruit, vegetables, salads. Small dips. Everything a little different. Invitingly colorful. Tomatoes, olives, peppers and foreign spices. Roast pork and schnitzel, sumptuous skillet dishes or klobe? Missing. Beer and wine taboo! It also works without. But tea is always served fresh from small glasses, self-evident and unprompted. Oriental sunday brunch.

The "service staff ibrahim and yousef wear fancy red scarves. The has brigitte

Schlee-soder brought by the malteser integration service for the district of bad kissingen. She coordinates the volunteer work of the help circles, starts projects for locals and refugees, and organizes the cookout every two months at the decentralized ballinghain shelter in reiterswiesen. "Cooking together, learning from each other, eating together, is a great opportunity to talk to each other. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and so is friendship, says the integration coordinator and is pleased that, in addition to the circle of helpers, some guests have come this time as well.

20 residents currently live in the shelter, reports brigitte schlee-soder. They hit it off well in the "ballinghain, she means. No mass accommodation, in addition personal contact at any time by funda ersindigil, who runs the house with heart blood, knows the mentality due to turkish roots, can understand and helps with the many requests and procedures. In addition, there is a committed group of helpers who provide voluntary support. Gerd schramek and heidi kuschmann teach german and mathematics every week. Monika and robert kiesel help people find apartments, daniela dacho looks for internships and jobs, doris vogel organizes shopping trips and accompanies people to doctors’ appointments. In addition to the hard core, other helpers are on call.

The fact that this support is appreciated by the residents cannot be overlooked. Bright children’s eyes buried the helpers, and no one leaves the shelter without a grateful look or a hug. Today catherine vogel arrived from kronberg. The actress who plays countess beatrix at the botenlauben festival and the rakoczyfest has – how could it be otherwise – a special heart for asylum seekers from syria?. After all, the count and countess lived only a stone’s throw above the former hotel in the castle, and the minstrel called his wife "my gold from syria" in the song. When the circle of helpers heard about the separation of a family that was not allowed to leave the country together because of missing documents and five children without parents had to live in the camp under the known catastrophic conditions in libya, they used their professional international contacts, negotiated with the embassies and were able to obtain the missing documents.

But because there was no money for the flight, she started a donation campaign "merry christmas for fadi" and in fact the whole alibrahim family was able to hug each other again at the airport in frankfurt and has been living in the balling grove ever since. The joy of seeing catherine again was enormous, and the family thanked her with gifts at the cookout. These are moving moments for the group of helpers and the residents.

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