Wonfurt continues to grow

So far, the "bodenfeld" has seen 14 plots of land developed, most of which have already been sold. The new building sites are not only intended to benefit burghers from wonfurt, but also to "attract" people from the surrounding area who are interested in building. "Our birth rates are abysmal", according to baunacher. "So if we want to maintain our daycare center and our school, we need families with children to settle here." The main way to compete with habfurt is on the price of land, but action must be taken quickly.

"If the council gives the green light today, I'll call the architect tomorrow to get things started, according to baunacher. As he announced, in wonfurt after the "bodenfeld" no more building areas will be developed. The community council unanimously approved the planning, so that the development of the remaining twelve building sites can begin this year.

All information is available in advance
Since their election to the municipal council in 2008, karl hellwig and karl-heinz wagenhauser had repeatedly complained of being inadequately informed about the items on the agenda of the municipal council meetings. Long discussions with demands for further information and, in some cases, postponements of items were the result.

Mayor holger baunacher, who since taking office in 2013 has been keeping the town councils increasingly informed in advance, presented the council members with detailed dossiers on all topics before the youngest meeting on monday and gave them the opportunity to clarify open questions before the meeting. "I expect each councilor to prepare for the meetings and to stop asking fundamental questions at the meeting itself", he said. He then proceeded to deal with the extensive agenda and did not want to enter into any more extensive discussions. Even though wolfgang thein voted against some of the proposed resolutions because he felt that his concerns or questions had not been adequately answered, he still voted against them.

For the first time, the municipal council gave itself a guideline for requesting the clubs, associations, churches and youth communities. Because the associations fulfill important socio-political tasks, strengthen community life through their work, create opportunities for leisure activities and promote the growing together of the local communities, the municipality wants to support this work in the best possible and fair way with the guidelines. At the same time, the associations are obliged to develop their own initiatives and to adapt to the needs. They should also work together economically.

20 percent in principle
The guidelines describe the requirements in detail. For example, certain investments are eligible for a 20 percent subsidy (up to a maximum of 20,000 euros). The council can decide on a case-by-case basis.

Wolfgang thein thinks that a 20 percent subsidy is too high; he thinks that the maximum requirement of 15 percent is sufficient. However, the rest of the council was in favor of the 20 percent. Franz-josef selig proposed to cancel the financial honors for athletes and teams of the sports clubs, because other clubs were disadvantaged there.

The municipal councils agreed to this, with the exception of bernd riedlmeier. Because mayor holger baunacher can decide on his own whether to grant subsidies of up to 750 euros, karl hellwig asked to at least inform the town council. This point was – with the vote of bernd riedlmeier against – included in the guidelines, which were unanimously accepted and adopted on 1 january 2009. May come into force.

Independently of this, the application of the caritasverein st. Gallen was discussed. Andreas wonfurt on a grant for the renewal of the fence at the kindergarten. The charity association receives a subsidy of 4400 euro from the municipality on top of the total costs of 5873 euro. Since the diozese wurzburg contributes 1175 euro, the parish has to finance only 298 euro.

The sports fishing club wonfurt receives a 30 percent subsidy for the purchase of a grass mower (total cost 7000 euros). Holger baunacher justified this by pointing out that the association had done an exemplary job of maintaining public facilities, including the clay pit, maintenance.

Staircase auben at the school
The fire concept for the elementary school in dampfach was also approved. The architect put the cost at around 83,880 euros. Because the community council had spoken out against a mobile escape staircase in the school gymnasium at the last meeting, the new concept provides for the installation of a staircase in the gymnasium to the south and a fixed staircase in the eaves area of the gymnasium. "The additional costs, which have already been incorporated into the planning, amount to around 13,000 euros," says the mayor, according to the mayor. The community council agreed with the new planning.

7600 euro are still open
The application of the citizens' initiative "lebenswertes wonfurt for the costs of about 7642 euros, which the association had to pay for the environmental network and the lawyer mediation proceedings with loacker have been adjourned. Baunacher emphasized that applications for subsidies must always be submitted before the contract is awarded and that proof of use and a receipt must be submitted afterwards. "This did not happen in the case", he announced. He was also upset that he had been asked to leave the room at the association's annual meeting. He had been able to gain an insight into the finances of the citizens' initiative. "I propose not to give any further grant to the burgerinitiative", he said. "We have already spent around 14,825 euros on the mediation process, including 8500 euros as a grant to the citizens' initiative."

Franz-josef selig, member of the burgerinitiative, replied: "the burgerinitiative has done our work. She even allowed us to inspect the files through her lawyer, which we would otherwise have been denied." Karl hellwig emphasized: "the citizens' initiative has done 80 percent of our work and deserves to be supported by us."

Point by point from the council

community forest the annual operating statement 2013 and the annual operating plan 2014 of the university forestry office sailershausen for the community forest wonfurt approved the community council. In 2013 there was a profit of 9000 euro; today one expects about 12 000 euro.

Bike concept with grettstadt, gochsheim, sennfeld, grafenrheinfeld and rothlein from the alliance schweinfurter mainbogen wonfurt participates in the concept for the bicycle tourism development of the bike path on the left side of the main river under the title "mainroute-sud". It is to be used as a "deceleration lane" to be upgraded and marketed also as an alternative route to the main cycle path. Wonfurt pays 4250 euros in the first phase minus the subsidies.

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