Handballers celebrate big anniversary

On 15. September the handball department of the TV ebern celebrates the "day of handball" their 40th anniversary. A home game day is planned, on which all handball teams of the gymnastics club will play a friendly game in the triple gymnasium. Afterwards, there will be an official program lasting about one hour, including a tour through the photo archive of the department's last 40 years. This was announced at a meeting of the board and coaches of the handball department, who after the conclusion of the 2017/2018 season love to review the season and gave an outlook on the upcoming activities in the summer.

Championship celebrated

In the 2017/2018 season, a female B-youth team, a male A-youth team and one each of a manner I and a manner II team were registered in the league system. The female B-youth team won the championship in the interdistrict league north relay. As the coaches jutta geub and michael vierbucher reported, the team is making very good progress and will be transferred to the female a-youth this year.
Coach jonathan steffan looks back on a rather mixed season with his male a-youth, but says the squad is well positioned for the coming season, which makes him confident for the coming season.
The manner II look back on a balanced season. Coach thomas muller, however, addressed the shortage of players despite a rough squad. For the coming season, however, some permanent players have been found in the meantime. Until players from the male A-youth reprint, the team will continue to play above competition.
The head of department and coach of the manner I, matthias batzner, reported a "reasonably good season with few injuries". The 2018/2019 season is the third season of the team in the bezirksoberliga.
"In general, we can look back on a good handball season for TV ebern.", summed up department head batzner. Those present were pleased to learn that there will be a women's team again in the coming season.

Junior work is being stepped up

The "minis" have won several tournaments in the past season and the e-youth contested, winning most of them. Danger 25 junior handball players currently pay the department. For the upcoming season a D-youth will also be registered. In order to promote the development of further youth teams, the coaches luca ospel, manfred jung and janina reuter want to start some activities this year within the framework of school handball and the vacation program of the ebern clubs. "Youth work is extremely important so that we can celebrate the 50th anniversary of the department in ten years' time", Matthias Batzner emphasized.

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