Pre-christmas enjoyment in the nordwaldhalle

Pre-Christmas enjoyment in the nordwaldhalle

Norbert neugebauer "welcome to the nordhalben santa claus market!" This year again. On the second weekend of advent, the nordwaldhalle traditionally opens its doors for its pre-christmas "market with atmosphere".

Meanwhile to the 22. For the first time, the market community invites people to its already decorated house, which also becomes a meeting place for many visitors from the surrounding area. The spring leadership is incumbent on the kloppelschule with its demand association. As always, the guests could look forward to high-quality, typical products from the franconian forest, the thuringian forest and the vogtland. Beautiful christmas decorations, fine handicrafts and creative handicrafts, fine cosmetics and fashionable products, small pieces of furniture and unusual jewelry await the visitors. Naturally, the well-known local lace and special products from the upper roda valley are also on sale. Culinary delights, from sub to hearty, tea and spices, to high spirits and fine likor elixirs make the choice difficult. There are plenty of free parking spaces around the nordwaldhalle.

For the market, which is open on both days from 12 to 18 o’clock, 1 euro admission will be charged to cover the costs of the hall.

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