Acrobatics of the cheerleaders inspires at eibenberger carnival

acrobatics of the cheerleaders inspires at eibenberger carnival

Joking and frolicking, atmospheric music and fun: every year, the eibenberg fire brigade goes to great lengths to offer its loyal audience a "homemade" event fousanochts program to present. At the super party on saturday in the steinberger kronachtalhalle, which had been transformed into a carnival stronghold, there was again everything you could wish for: the finest live music, thrilling show acts, two magical dancing guards and the current staaberche prince and princess.

Animal well masked

If anyone can party, it's eibenberg's hard-working fire and thirst-quenchers – that's common knowledge; accordingly, every year many carnival fans and dance enthusiasts, far beyond the county borders, pay a visit to the shindig. Once again, the fancifully masked jesters were buried by fire department chairman matthias jakob.

Every year the team is very happy about the visit of a "royal" team deputation as well as other protagonists of the "staaberche fousanocht". The prince and princess, prince simon i. And julia I., the honor at the colorful spectacle. The rulers expressed how much they liked to visit their neighbors from eibenberg. They did not come empty-handed, but had a special present with them: a party bike, baked by none other than the title motif of this year's steinberg carnival order, the "bohms-beck", who of course was also among the guests. The royalty also brought along their princess guard in their new chic outfit as well as the little guard. The little dance girls put on a spirited, synchronously performed guard dance on the parquet floor

Special appearance

Furious step sequences, a precise, creative choreography and a lot of almost breakneck acrobatics followed. Cheerleaders are mainly known from american football in the USA, but on saturday evening the spectators in steinberg were able to enjoy such a brilliant show dance. It was performed by kronach's first cheerleading team. Especially the skilful lifting figures and pyramids of the "golden tigers" caused a storm of enthusiasm. What the girls and boys of the kronach gymnastics club offered under the choreography and direction of marla brutscher was pure dancing enthusiasm.

The popular band "asphaltsturmer" played a major role in the success of the evening, who made the hall shake with a whole palette of dance, mood and party hits as well as oldies. Singing, swaying and dancing until the early hours of the morning. Cooling down was as always at the coarse eibenberger super bar, this time completely under the motto "wild west".

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