A protective mantle-madonna for the vogelsburg

A protective mantle-madonna for the vogelsburg

In 2011, the community of the augustinus sisters transferred the vogelsburg to the juliusspital foundation in wurzburg. The juliusspital loved to completely renovate the entire complex between 2013 and 2016, including the church "maria schutz". Now the church high above the mainschleife has been given a protective mantle-madonna, as it says in a press release.

In a solemn service was consecrated the figure of the madonna carved from oak wood. The figure is 1.40 meters high and weighs around 70 kilograms. It was made by the artist kurt grimm from kleinrinderfeld, who had already designed the altar and sedilia (seats in the sanctuary).

"The abstract and simple oak figure rounds off the church interior," says walter herberth, director of the juliusspital foundation, describing the intention behind the marien figure. When entering the church, the madonna attracts the viewer’s gaze and, with her head slightly inclined towards the altar, points out the essentials of this room: "the altar, tabernacle and cross in the artistically designed augustinus window", according to herberth’s press release.

The most important thing for the artist was the protection

The protective mantle was the most important thing for the artist kurt grimm. He worked for two months on the madonna, which was made from half a cubic meter of oak wood that had previously been glued by a carpenter.

Although she does not have a face as such, the artist has carved it in such a way that there is a fine edge where the nose is, so that the viewer can very well recognize a face. The madonna faces the altar, whose sweep grimm caught and depicted in her vestment. "The madonna was specially carved for the wall between the windows opposite the church entrance," grimm still explains.

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