Hamilton is afraid: “lance will fight back”

Hamilton is afraid: 'lance will fight back'

"Hardly anything is heard of lance, but i consider this calm to be bearable. I’m afraid he’s going to strike back," hamilton told the "stern" magazine. Hamilton also personally fears a revenge action by armstrong, who had already insulted him once in a steakhouse: "I have sleeping disorders and nightmares, there is not a day when I do not think of lance."

Armstrong, who was banned for life for doping, recently tweeted a photo of himself: it showed the 40-year-old lying on a sofa in immense self-satisfaction. He looked at the framed yellow jerseys of the tour de france, which hung brightly lit on the wall. Shortly before, armstrong had been stripped of his seven tour triumphs between 1999 and 2005 by the world cycling federation UCI under pressure from the US anti-doping agency USADA.

Hamilton was armstrong’s main aide to team U from 1999 to 2001.S. Postal and accompanied him on three of the seven tour triumphe. About armstrong’s current condition, hamilton, who admitted to doping even after a long denial, said: "i think he’s suffering terribly. Lance is a very proud man, he believed he could carry the globe on his back like atlas. And now it’s all gone, the glory, the honor. Also a lot of money, it comes yes damage claims on him to. It will grind lance that he is no longer a hero."

The "sunday times" filed a lawsuit against armstrong before christmas. The london newspaper is seeking $1.2 million from the austin multimillionaire, which the paper was forced to pay in 2004 after a libel trial. She had accused the texan of doping. The court at that time gave armstrong ("I have never doped") right.

Hamilton fears the long arm of the former series winner, who often doesn’t seem to be fine in his choice of weapons. "I moved from colorado. Colorado is too close to texas, and texas is armstrong country," the confessed doper told the "stern" magazine. In a previous trial against armstrong, his lawyers revealed during the hearing that the witness for the prosecution, three-time tour winner greg lemond, had been abused as a child.

There had already been attempts to interfere in the weeks before his testimony to state investigators, hamilton said: "armstrong’s lawyers contacted my lawyers and offered free legal protection. I refused."A little later, "a strange car had been constantly parked in front of my house with two men inside. "My wife and i were followed, the phone stopped working properly, my e-mail box was hacked into. I felt like i was in a thriller, blob this thriller was plotzlich my life," said hamilton.

Because of proven doping, armstrong had lost all tour titles, almost all sponsors and his seat at the head of his anti-cancer foundation "livestrong. After his victories were disallowed by the world governing body UCI on 22. October the texan has not spoken out on the matter.

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