When skateboards can fly

When skateboards can fly

Actually skateboards are made for rolling. In burgkunstadt, however, one is said to have flown in the direction of a courier driver and accompanied by comments such as "you idiot" or "bum". On tuesday, a 40-year-old man from the eastern district was charged with attempted grievous bodily harm and insult in the local court. On this occasion, a second charge was brought against the man: fraud.

"I admit the insult, I called him a fool and a bum", says the currently unemployed man about the incident of 29. May 2018. Otherwise he and the prosecution had nothing to reproach him with. But she did, because according to her investigation, there had been another striking experience for the offended on the day in question at around 6 p.M. A skateboard hit him and the reason was that the defendant threw it out of a rage. The accused defended himself massively against prosecutor rona schmidt and judge alexander zenefels: "i have three black belts. I do not need a skateboard. When I want to beat someone up, I hit him." And another argument spoke for the defendant’s point of view: "i didn’t throw at him. I had, then I had hit. At 20 meters distance I throw an axe into the ten."

A convoluted story

Little by little, zenefels and schmidt tried to shed light on the tangled darkness and stumbled upon a traditional neighborly dispute, in which the courier driver was actually only a guest. But on that day he was more close to the opposing family, and when the wife of the defendant, scolding and holding the skateboard in her hand, approached the representatives of the other family, she fell down and collapsed in anger. At this point, the statements were diametrically different. "It went back and forth", said the accused, when he took the witness stand for his recollections. "Suddenly came various printouts (…) and then all of a sudden the skateboard came flying. I was shaking all over." Following these words, the accused laughed at this point and the victim continued: "the woman was holding the skateboard in her hand, the woman fell down and suddenly he picks up the skateboard and throws it at me"." But the damaged one was not too damaged. In the presence of mind, he is said to have torn open the door of a parked car and thus protected himself.

What zenefels, schmidt and hofmann were also confronted with was the testimony of another witness, who on the one hand confirmed the throw during the trial, but on the other hand once wrote a letter describing the course of events, which was attached to the files and lay on the judge’s table in front of zenefels. In this letter, the young man from the opponent’s family, however, smoothly omitted the fact that the skateboard throwing had occurred. That made me suspicious. "I did not send the letter", the man explained, clearly indicating that the defendant had sent it. The resulting conjecture was clear: the defendant had presented the letter to him and omitted the passage about the litter, so that he would not get such a high penalty.

But why did the witness play a part? He was afraid of the 40 year old man. "He was going to unpack everything and shoot everyone when he got away (to jail)", according to the witness quoting the defendant. A second charge was brought against the defendant, that of fraud. He allegedly did not send a playstation, but nevertheless collected money for it. When questioned about this, the man assured that it had all been a misunderstanding and that the only reason he no longer had the contact data for the customer was because he had dropped his cell phone in the toilet. In the meantime everything had been sent. "It is quite remarkable that they send the broadcast only when the police is standing on their fuben", replied alexander zenfels, who signaled that he wanted to discontinue the proceedings in this regard. In the end, there was only a conviction for attempted dangerous bodily harm, whereby zenefels took up the prosecution’s demand for ten months’ imprisonment on probation. The man, who is already known to the court, is to let this serve as a final warning and will be under guard for three years and will have to do 100 hours of work.

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