Omikron wave - queen cancels christmas lunch

Due to the rapidly spreading omicron variant of the coronavirus in great britain, queen elizabeth II. (95) their traditional pre-christmas family reunion canceled. This was announced by the palace on thursday.

Too many people’s christmas plans are at stake," palace sources said in a statement.

Christine kurzmann, student of augusto zunin (venezia), presents together with her husband jurgen kurzmann in the frame of an exhibition their latest jewelry creations with fascinating and partly rare opals as well as other precious stones. From saturday, 29. August, until tuesday, 8. September, can interested daily from 10.30 a.M. To 5 p.M. Admire the decorative pieces in the foyer of the rossini hall. Admission is free.

For over 30 years, the dedicated team has combined goldsmithing craftsmanship with artistic imagination. This is how perfectly shaped, lively, unique pieces full of harmony and visual lightness are created, the bayerische staatsbad gmbh announces. With nature as a model, the loving way of framing, which is carried out with an open flame, caresses the stone.

It might be interesting for the town of rodental to become a plantation owner? A question, which the green faction had brought to the meeting of the building senate on tuesday, led the senate into the green. The short-rotation plantation that was inspected by the members is located between waldsachsen and kipfendorf. What sounds like rodental is actually coburg. The energy forest in question is located in their city area.

The land, which covers around five hectares, is nevertheless ideally suited as an example for the production of renewable energy sources. Frank burger from the landesanstalt fur wald und forstwirtschaft (LWF) informed the senate about the possibility of generating energy through short-rotation plantations, as this form of land use is called.

Corona situation in germany worsens

With urgent appeals to the population, chancellor angela merkel (CDU) and the self-infected health minister jens spahn (CDU) have again asked for help in containing the corona pandemic.

"Please continue to help and do not listen to those who downplay and appease. It’s serious," spahn said in a video posted on his facebook page on sunday.

51-year-old man assaulted in bamberg - three men arrested

Wednesday night, a 22-year-old woman called police and reported a brawl on zollnerstrabe, near the street "am heidelsteig" with. When the patrol arrived, they initially found only one witness. A short time later, however, an injured and bleeding 51-year-old man came to the scene. This one was apparently attacked by three men who had just come out of a doner store. The 51-year-old was riding his bicycle and was kicked off his bike by a 29-year-old main offender for seemingly no reason.

While the victim was lying on the ground, the 29-year-old kicked him several times with his fub on his upper body and chest. Screaming and calling for help, the cyclist came up and ran away. The 29-year-old and his 33-year-old buddy eventually ran after him. When the injured man stumbled and fell down, he was kicked again by the 29 year old lying on the ground. After that the accused could swear.

Hardly any year in oberhaid's recent history has been as memorable as 1974. The year in which the tower of the bartholomew church burned down. Robert brand experienced this as a young boy. His father josef was on duty for days with the many other firefighters. When the oberhaider fire department celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1979, the fire in the church tower was still so prominent that a part of the new flag was dedicated to it: below st. Florian, the event was at least set in small scene.
And now the church tower is once again surrounded by a sulfur-yellow cloud: claudio osorio, the colombian art professor and oberhaider by choice, paints the motif of this flag – florian and horse life-size above the small bartholomaus church – on the wall in the fire station.

"No one else has such a thing"

I wanted to write an article about my passion, the oldtimers. Surely it will find a lot of readers who share my love. A few important aspects summarized here, because old and youngtimers are a common sight when german car lovers meet and can be driven by any license holder. But what if the desired vehicle is not an opel ascona, but a unimog or a lanz bulldog??

The car is still the german's favorite child in times of digitalization. This is especially true for old sheet metal, because germany loves oldtimers. No wonder: old cars usually have a more manageable technology, can be maintained even by laymen. And they can be driven with a normal driver's license. However, there is also another group of people: for them, "normal" cars are not interesting. Your enthusiast vehicles are called humvee, unimog, bulldog or B12, weigh "a little" more, are perhaps quite slow, or simply not a car in the traditional sense. Anyone interested in such vehicles has to do more preparatory work than just buy a suitable vehicle. The following article explains exactly what this means.

Countries want stricter corona rules

Stricter contact restrictions and an extension of the mask obligation – but christmas and new year’s eve at least in the closer family and circle of friends: with this line the heads of government of the countries go into the next consultations on the corona crisis with chancellor merkel on wednesday.

Contact restrictions are to be tightened from the beginning of december, but with a special rule: in the period from 23. December until 1. January meetings of a household with people from outside the household up to a maximum of ten people are to be made possible. Children up to 14 years of age will be exempt from this requirement. This is the result of a draft decision by the states for consultations with chancellor angela merkel (CDU) on wednesday. It was available to the german press agency on tuesday.

In trade, everything that is not nailed down is stolen

Whether it’s razor blades, perfume or designer jeans, "anything that isn’t nailed down is still stolen in retail," complains frank horst, security expert at the coln-based retail research institute EHI.

In 2018 alone, losses in the retail sector totaled around 3.75 billion euros, according to the EHI – an increase of around seven percent on the previous year. In addition, robberies by thieving customers, thieves among the company’s own employees, and crooks among suppliers or service staff were also contributing factors.

Gold price rises again

Traders explained the strong recovery with a weakness of the U.S. Dollar. In the week before the turn of the year, the price of the precious metal had temporarily slipped to 1520 dollars. Despite the setback at the end of 2011, there is still strong interest in the international financial markets, experts say.

The gold price last reached a record high of 1920 dollars at the beginning of september 2011, but then came under heavy selling pressure. In recent forecasts, most experts expect the gold price to rise again moderately during the rest of the year.