Bad kissingen: unique pieces with character

Christine kurzmann, student of augusto zunin (venezia), presents together with her husband jurgen kurzmann in the frame of an exhibition their latest jewelry creations with fascinating and partly rare opals as well as other precious stones. From saturday, 29. August, until tuesday, 8. September, can interested daily from 10.30 a.M. To 5 p.M. Admire the decorative pieces in the foyer of the rossini hall. Admission is free.

For over 30 years, the dedicated team has combined goldsmithing craftsmanship with artistic imagination. This is how perfectly shaped, lively, unique pieces full of harmony and visual lightness are created, the bayerische staatsbad gmbh announces. With nature as a model, the loving way of framing, which is carried out with an open flame, caresses the stone.

Living designs

With kurzmann& kurzmann does not find any constructed forms, but lively, organic designs with a strong expression of self-understanding, which underlines this naturalness and gives the pieces their unique and unmistakable character.

Christine kurzmann explains: "with our jewelry we would like to express a certain feeling of life, as everyone would like it to be: light, carefree, harmonious, multifaceted. The enthusiasm we feel when creating our jewelry is perhaps the secret of the radiating joie de vivre that is attributed to them."

With his art objects like z.B. "Laurin" or "the key to happiness" jurgen kurzmann has already attracted attention in professional circles. His latest creation, a handbag made of a cocoa nub, horn and lapis lazuli is currently causing a furor, which can also be seen at the exhibition, it continues.

The pair has been a team since 1986. Jurgen kurzmann is a goldsmith and designer and has received several awards for his art objects. Christine kurzmann is also a goldsmith and designer. The couple comes from pyrbaum, between nurnberg and neumarkt in the upper palatinate.

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