51-Year-old man assaulted in bamberg – three men arrested

51-year-old man assaulted in bamberg - three men arrested

Wednesday night, a 22-year-old woman called police and reported a brawl on zollnerstrabe, near the street "am heidelsteig" with. When the patrol arrived, they initially found only one witness. A short time later, however, an injured and bleeding 51-year-old man came to the scene. This one was apparently attacked by three men who had just come out of a doner store. The 51-year-old was riding his bicycle and was kicked off his bike by a 29-year-old main offender for seemingly no reason.

While the victim was lying on the ground, the 29-year-old kicked him several times with his fub on his upper body and chest. Screaming and calling for help, the cyclist came up and ran away. The 29-year-old and his 33-year-old buddy eventually ran after him. When the injured man stumbled and fell down, he was kicked again by the 29 year old lying on the ground. After that the accused could swear.

After an immediate manhunt, both perpetrators were caught and arrested in the vicinity. The 29-year-old resisted arrest during his arrest. The police officers and a service dog bandaged the intoxicated man. A third buddy, a 36-year-old, arrived at the scene of the arrest in a cab. He obviously wanted to take his two heavily intoxicated comrades-in-arms with him.

While all three men have to answer for dangerous bodily harm, the 29-year-old main offender still faces a trial for resisting law enforcement officers and dangerous interference with traffic.

The background, why it came to this crude act, must the interrogations of all involved reveal.

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