Lehmanns continue to sell bread in munnerstadt

Mandy and silvio lehnmann know the smells. "Your power to?", have you heard from customers before?. It is generally known that the closure of the kupsch directly next to the cafe did not exactly increase sales. A short vacation and above all the takeover of "cafe mozart in bad konigshofen, the smoke cakes have survived. "The munnerstadt site was never in question, we are not going to close down and leave", silvio lehmann emphasizes.

Always changes
All beginnings are difficult. This is what the lehmanns had to learn after they took over the bakery with cafe and wine bar in the center of munnerstadt in 2002. But after the difficulties at the beginning it went quite well. "It has worn", says silvio lehmann. However, the two have had to react and adjust again and again. Four years ago, they took over a branch in grobwenkheim because the local baker had closed down. A day of rest, which they always had on mondays in munnerstadt, they no longer wanted to keep in grobwenkheim after the opening hours there were reduced to half days. "We have to bake anyway", says mandy lehmann. And because of this, they have also abolished the rest day in munnerstadt. Since then it is open seven days a week. "That means getting up early on seven days", adds.

Now it's "early a relative term. For silvio lehmann, the alarm clock rings at 1 a.M.30 o'clock at night, his wife follows him to work three hours later. Normal times in this trade. They are happy to accept that, as long as the store is open.

Closing of the supermarket has an impact

With the closure of the kupsch at the end of november last year, however, the situation has come to a dramatic head. "In the morning it's still going strong, but in the afternoon it's very quiet", mandy lehmann describes the situation. "The kupsch customers are missing." This refers mainly to those who bought something for their dinner at the supermarket and then stopped by at the bakery. Silvio lehmann estimates that sales are down ten percent in the morning and 20 percent in the afternoon. "The regular customers still come, and we are very grateful for that, but the walk-in customers are missing."

Because a new supermarket is not expected to open at the moment, the lehmanns have been looking for another mainstay. You became famous with the cafe mozart.

And that is quite a number. While cafe lehmann in munnerstadt has about 40 seats available, there are more than 120 in bad konigshofen. Nevertheless, all bakery and confectionery products will continue to be made in munnerstadt. "We have invested here, purchased new machines", says silvio lehmann. For the expansion, a full-time pastry chef and about six part-time waiters and waitresses will be employed. Four part-time employees are already on the payroll. The two daughters, who are both studying to be sales assistants, also help out in the shop in their free time. "They can come if they want", says silvio lehmann. "Tendency: increasing." Cafe mozart opens its doors on 11 a.M. February. The branch in grobwenkheim also remains open.

Cult cafe at the market place
The cultural advisor in the district of rhon-grabfeld hanns friedrich says that cafe mozart is one of the most popular places to go in the spa town. "Many guests come because of the franken-therme and the cafe", explains the man from bad konigshofen. If it had not been opened after the closing, it would have been very missing. "The cafe is cult, it has to be", says Hanns Friedrich.

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