Four descents do not scratch silvan kratz

Four descents do not scratch silvan kratz

Although keeper silvan kratz has been relegated four times with trailsdorf, he remains loyal to the club from the A-class bamberg 1. The 27-year-old, who was goalkeeper for two seasons at SC adelsdorf, plans to put his teeth together on sunday.

Who alluded to it?
Silvan kratz: my former teammate and school friend tim lausen, with whom i had a great senior year at FC eintracht bamberg and who brought me to adelsdorf back then.

SC adelsdorf is fighting against relegation in the district league; at the moment, it is seven points short of the save shore. Will your ex-club manage to stay in the league??
I am confident. Firstly, I still have a bet on the table and secondly, I am sure that a team with so much quality will not go to the district league. I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed that they get enough points in the remaining games to be above the line at the end of the season.

They are with trailsdorf in the A-class bamberg 1 as relegated currently only on the seventh place. Why is this season so bumpy??
We came out of the starting blocks in good shape, but little by little the familiar bad luck of injuries put a spanner in the works, so that we were rarely able to play with the same lineup. That’s not a lame excuse, the other teams have to deal with the same problems year after year. We have naturally set ourselves other goals, but we are not burying our heads in the sand and are still trying to score as many points as possible.

Jungst has the injury misfortune also afflicted them…
Yes, that’s true. I tore a capsule on my finger and bruised my pelvis while warming up on sunday in ampferbach/steinsdorf. Nevertheless, i’ll probably be back on the field on sunday against elsendorf.

With a break, they are in their sixth season in trailsdorf and have been relegated from the upper district league to the A-class with great courage. Is not that frustrating in the long run?
Four relegations with one club are of course a house number and frustrating, but first and foremost it’s about having fun playing fubball, no matter which league you play in. For me, the most important thing is that you feel good in the club.

With a win on sunday, they can distance themselves from their neighbors in the table. What do you hope for from the duel?
First, that we come out of the game injury-free, and then of course, that the three points stay with us. The important thing is that we step on the gas at the end of the season so that we don’t get caught up by one or two other clubs.

To whom do they continue to play?
To dominic motschiedler, who plays for spvgg etzelskirchen in the ER/PEG 1st division. I got to know him when he joined us in trailsdorf for the district league season. I was amused by his strongly kicked but not very accurate shots, which often visited the parking lot instead of coming to my goal. To be fair I have to say that when they came on the goal, there was not much they could do.

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