Photovoltaics remain prohibited in the old town of iphof

Those who admire the simple beauty of iphof’s old town today tend to overlook the principle behind the structured facades and orderly fronts. Since 1982, the city’s design statutes have regulated the criteria according to which redevelopment and construction is permitted there. It specifies the size of windows and skylights as well as the texture and color of plaster. But as strict as it may be in some areas, it is not a rigid instrument. Because building also follows trends – technical, social or political. The bylaws have therefore been amended, developed and adapted again and again, most recently on monday evening in the city’s building committee.

If the design statutes were a book, they would be a local bestseller. Almost everyone who lives in one of the 320 properties in iphof’s old town has already read it – or at least been quoted from it. Asked mayor josef mend, after some thought he would call it his favorite primer. The city’s cultural heritage is as much in it as mend’s political legacy, which he will leave to his successor in may 2020 after 30 years of service. Mend says: "the point of the design statute is not to prohibit something, but to make a valuable contribution to urban development." The challenging thing is that this does not work with a uniform grid. "Each house must be evaluated individually", says the mayor.

The shakespeare plays, which took to the stage for the first time in 2011, proved to be a surprise success: the ludwigsstadt, which has a population of 3,500, was able to bury over 2,000 spectators at the new upper franconian theater festival. Among them guests from all over bavaria, thuringia and beyond.

Especially the lively and unusual concept of the shakespeare-plays was well received. Because in ludwigsstadt, the great classics of world literature are performed in dialect, which works in an amazing way and allows a completely new, fresh and entertaining look at shakespeare's works.

Cdu gives green light for black-red

At a small party conference, there were no no votes and two abstentions from the ranks of economic politicians. Chancellor angela merkel (CDU) promised the citizens of burgundy a strong government that wants to tackle important projects: "we have to be able to handle major tasks." Younger politicians and the CDU’s business wing raised concerns, especially about pension plans costing billions of euros.

Merkel told the 167 CDU delegates in berlin that the decisive factor for her was that germany could be better off in 2017 with the coalition agreement than it is today. After narrowly missing out on a majority of its own in the parliamentary elections on 22 june, the union. September "did not go headlong into any constellation". In the exploratory talks with the greens and in the negotiations with the SPD, the aim was to implement a maximum of their own positions in terms of content.

The mainbernheim city council approved in its meeting on thursday the continuation of the intermunicipal alliance sudost 7/22 for a second call period from the year 2019 for another four years. At the last steering group meeting, all the mayors involved had been in favor of continuing the association, which is now to be decided by the municipal and city councils.

Change in the leadership

Since the current allianz spokesman, burkhard klein, does not want to serve another term, the steering committee proposed that he be succeeded by mainbernheim’s mayor, peter kraus. The alliance manager claudia hebert will then be employed in the future by the lead municipality of mainbernheim. According to claudia hebert, the long-term alliance will reduce the workload of the participating administrations and provide lasting added value for the member municipalities. She explained the projects that have been implemented so far and also looked to the future with upcoming projects.

Petra barth with world championship gold and silver at the end of her career

This year the world championships of the world kickboxing and karate union (WKU) took place in athens. From 36 nations 2100 athletes competed in the kickboxing disciplines pointfighting, light contact and forms as well as karate, among them four athletes from the ebern martial arts school rogner.

Petra barth from dorfleins started in the light contact and kick-light competitions. She had invested a lot of time in preparation and never missed a tournament. Last year she was world champion.

Zero blood-alcohol limit for e-scooters? Scheuer rejects

E-tretrollers should only be ridden by completely sober people, according to the will of SPD health expert karl lauterbach.

"To avoid dangerous head injuries, a zero blood-alcohol limit should be reconsidered," the politician wrote on twitter. In an interview with the funke media group (wednesday), he spoke out for the first time in favor of tightening alcohol limits – and promptly ran into headwind. Elsewhere, efforts are being made to free tourist hotspots from the flood of scooters.

lecture on the race for traffic routes

When driving along the frankenschnellweg, three traffic routes meet in the regnitz valley near erlangen: the railroad, the modern highway and the former ludwig-danube-main canal, visible only through the canal monument at the fub of erlangen's burgberg hill. Although moved, it still tells of a project of european importance, the connection of the north sea and the black sea.

Germany's first railroad, the eagle, departed on 7. December 1835 from nurnberg to furth. The route network was successively expanded and, at the request of king ludwig, it is rumored that a tunnel was even built through the erlanger burgberg.

Lebenshilfe grows and plans the next home

The general meeting of the lebenshilfe erlangen-hochstadt (west) in the parish hall of st. Otto in herzogenaurach. The program included the annual review, honors, discharge of the supervisory board and its election.

As reported by ulrich wustmann, chairman of the supervisory board, the association currently has 592 members, 65 of whom were present at the meeting. With the integration of WAB kosbach, lebenshilfe took over responsibility for 100 employees, as well as more than 100 inpatient and 30 outpatient places of residence.

New year's pit to the death cell

13 pen pals maintain the toedts alone with prison inmates in the USA. On this country henry toedt also focused an advance for 2020. He wants to strengthen his commitment to a humane penal system. Especially in the united states. He plans to contact 20 german-language newspapers to raise awareness about the issue.

Abuse and mistreatment

From letters, the couple knows that the situation in the privately run prisons is dramatic. Inmates and female inmates report mistreatment and abuse. "Every prison has its own rules of the game", reports henry toedt. These range from sometimes unfounded discipline in solitary confinement to male supervisors in women’s showers.

27 young people from kehlbach join in

The girls shone in their traditional costumes, which consisted of petticoat, skirt, blouse, bodice, skirt and ribbons. Andreas buttner is "zechbursch" for the fifth time this year. His "zech", eva schnappauf, is there for the second time. Both did not want to miss this celebration. Finally, the trachtenkirchweih is the high point in the calendar of events. Both black from the meetings that took place in advance, where they discussed who would take which part. Finally, music bands had to be ordered, people had to be found for the service and the bar service.
The organization of this festival demands community and cohesion. The festival is great fun and makes you forget about everyday life, says andreas buttner. Both are proud that this year a total of 27 young people agreed to take part in the trachtenkirchweih. This game, they both know, is also a great way to promote kehlbach. Because every year many visitors and young people from outside come to the frankenwald village.
The "zecher" considered this a success, the dance events on saturday. The culture hall is bursting at the seams. The atmosphere was great.