Zero blood-alcohol limit for e-scooters? Scheuer rejects

Zero blood-alcohol limit for e-scooters? Scheuer rejects

E-tretrollers should only be ridden by completely sober people, according to the will of SPD health expert karl lauterbach.

"To avoid dangerous head injuries, a zero blood-alcohol limit should be reconsidered," the politician wrote on twitter. In an interview with the funke media group (wednesday), he spoke out for the first time in favor of tightening alcohol limits – and promptly ran into headwind. Elsewhere, efforts are being made to free tourist hotspots from the flood of scooters.

Lauterbach based his presentation on the rising number of accidents involving e-scooter riders and called on lenders and federal transport minister andreas scheuer (CSU) to take action. The federal ministry of transport, on the other hand, sees no need for action to tighten the blood-alcohol limit for e-scooter users. This was made clear by a spokeswoman for minister andreas scheuer in berlin on wednesday, referring to the current catalog of regulations. ADAC also rejected lauterbach’s proposal. Instead, the users should be better educated.

Meanwhile, many cities want to get to grips with the problem of e-scooters often parked crisscross on sidewalks. In cities such as colonia and dusseldorf, there are already zones where scooters are not allowed to be parked. Now, in berlin, rental scooters will no longer be allowed to be parked in special places such as the brandenburg gate and the holocaust memorial.

E-scooters should also no longer be parked on sidewalks in the future, said berlin’s traffic senator regine gunther (party-less). From 2020, various districts also want to designate new parking areas. This was announced by berlin’s traffic senator regine gunther (grune) on wednesday.

Dresden also wants to create taboo zones for the parking of e-scooters. The city on the elbe has also included an upper limit for the devices in the agreement.

Electric scooters are allowed in germany since june. Several providers make the small vehicles available for a fee in a number of cities. The scooters are allowed to drive up to 20 km/h. They must be used on bike paths. If there are none, they have to go to jail.

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