“Geschichtle instead of history”

Coburg- the silence of the night is interrupted by three piercing horn sounds. One or two passers-by walking through the market square at a later hour wonder what the costumed man is doing there with a cutlass in his hand. Shortly after, he also starts singing to take his listeners to the time of the night watchmen.

Nighttime time travel

For almost a year now, stefan leis has been slipping into the role of an old night watchman once a month and taking locals and tourists on a journey through time. "I have been a part-time guest guide for about two years", explains leis "however, my normal job became too desk-heavy for me, which is why I additionally trained as a night watchman." The 57-year-old is always fascinated by coburg at night, and he tells his guests: "the market square is very nice by day, but it’s even nicer at night." Enthusiastic nodding among the tourists, some snap a few souvenir photos.

The somewhat different city tour begins with an anecdote about the "most famous son of the city", prince albert watching over coburg at night in the middle of the market square. Where else can you find out why he has had a lasting influence on fashion and why people wear dark or black colors on official occasions?? Also the story behind prince albert’s order of the garter, based on a funny acquaintance between king eduard iii. And a woman in 14. The way a car goes back to the nineteenth century makes the listeners smile.

Anecdotes and poems

"This is also the difference to traditional "city tours", explains stefan leis. "A tour with the night watchman includes not only facts and figures, but has anecdotes and poems as its focus", so the guest guide.

Of course, a guided tour of coburg must not be without a reference to the coburg bratwurst. The original bratwurst-mab is in the hand of the figure above the town hall clock and measures 33 centimeters. "These are things that 95 percent of the locals don’t know either", so quietly.

Many coburg

It is all the more surprising that almost half of his tour participants come from coburg. "Apart from that, many travel groups come, especially before or after christmas or business dinners, many visitors would like to take part in a guided tour", woman of the night watchmen.

The route of a night watch tour is flexible, depending on the audience and mood, stefan leis takes his guests through the city center. Passing the market square, the ketschengasse and the moriz church. A normal tour lasts one hour, but he can be booked privately for up to two hours. Bad weather does not stop the night watchman from his work "I just put on a waterproof watchman’s coat", so quietly.

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