When they married, the deutschmark was introduced: the marriage was more permanent

Werner and gertrud bayersdorfer from pfaffendorf have been married for 70 years, and have been through thick and thin together. On tuesday they celebrated the rare feast of grace or platinum wedding, and in relatively good health. The two of them say: "we are happy and satisfied with our life as a whole."
The jubilee couple remembers the truth reform of 1948, which was one of the most important economic policy measures in post-war history. "That year we said our vows in the church in altenstein, where we drove up from pfaffendorf in a bus with our guests, and our account was at zero", recalls werner bayersdorfer.
He was born in marbach, his wife in pfaffendorf. The jubilarian learned the trade of an electrician and worked at the basalt plant in voccawind for a year starting in 1950 engages. "The lorry was used to transport the stone from the quarry on the zeilberg down to voccawind by cable car", the jubilarian explains. He then spent another five years as an electrician in the workshop of the basalt plant before moving to the kugelfischer company in ebern in 1956. He worked there until he was 62. He had retired before reaching the age of 18.
Bayersdorfer was mayor of pfaffendorf for a year and a half before it was incorporated into maroldsweisach. He was also a member of the local council. He is a member of the brass band, the sports club and the fishing club. He has no hobbies, but many talents, as his wife tells. "He has a knack for everything that involves repairs", she says.
Gertrud bayersdorfer nee wohnert is a true "pfaffendorfer child". Born and raised there, she spent her entire life in the town. She learned the profession of a dressmaker, took the master's exam and was also self-employed for some time. "But then I didn't want to do that anymore and only dealt with some women's tailoring problems", she laughs. She worked for the kugelfischer company in ebern for nine years until she turned 60. Year of life in shipping.
She is also a "club meier", member of the fruit and gardening association and the sports club. "My husband and I liked to go on vacation, and when we were young we rode our bikes a lot," she laughs, says the jubilarian, who is 88 years old on her jubilee day. Her husband werner is 89 years old.
The celebrating couple does not have a recipe for being married to each other for 70 years. "We've had our ups and downs, and things haven't always been the best for us either, but we've pulled through and we're still happy today," says the jubilarian, says werner bayersdorfer, and his bride nods in agreement.
They live in their house together with a son and a grandson. "We each have our own apartment, and we can still take care of ourselves, says the jubilarian. The jubilarian has two children and four grandchildren. "Great-grandchildren are on the way, reveals the bride and beams at the same time.
Congratulations were extended by district administrator wilhelm schneider, mayor wolfram thein, councillor gunter reb – also chairman of the fire department association – and the chairwoman of the fruit and horticulture association, Janett Brehm.

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