Because the company still needs its employees

Randolf stuhler pedals on his bike while mixing a delicious fruit smoothie, while his colleagues are next door learning about heart-healthy nutrition. Andre deitel has a walk-through model of his stomach used to explain what a stomach ulcer looks like – or, in the worst case, what a carcinoma looks like.
Employees at the schaeffler plant in eltmann were given an unusual insight at the health day. 480 of the 500 or so employees were able to gather an hour’s worth of health information during their working hours.
"We have done a lot in the past few years in terms of ergonomics at the workplace", josef scheller, plant manager, explained in an interview with our newspaper. Thomas beigel, head of the cake department, also tries to provide healthy and balanced food for his colleagues in the canteen.
"But the employees themselves must of course also contribute to their health", according to personnel manager frank schmitt, who organizes the annual health day in cooperation with BEK. "We want the health days to encourage exercise and healthy eating, and to value our employees by telling them that we need them.", explains scheller.
The employees gladly accepted this offer, because health is an essential basis for quality of life. That’s why pharmacist margit stabler’s advice on healthy sleep and magnesium deficiency fell on fertile ground – and thomas beigel’s salad-to-go was a hit with customers.

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