Colorful, mischievous and saucy

Colorful, mischievous and saucy

"Ten years ago, no one knew him; no wonder, he speaks almost nothing. Most of the time he leaves the talking to his girlfriend amanda. But in the meantime he is, by appearances in "fastnacht in franken" known to an audience of millions and today they make a "belly landing" here with us!", bernhard back, an organizer of the neuschter kulturzaubers sebastian reich, announced how pierre ruby, the versatile entertainer from wurzburg, is called in real life.

The old auditorium was filled up to the last seat. With lots of shower howling and the backdrop flair of an airport and dusenjet on the stage, the "airmanda" took off, the airline known for wit, humor and the best, entertaining entertainment with chief pilot pierre ruby and, without them nothing works, chief stewardess amanda.

Stopover in fridritt
The flight was supposed to go from murschdt to rio de janeiro, but unforeseen stopovers in pirmasens, seubrigshausen and friiiidritt caused a lot of turbulence, surprises and boundlessly funny situations. The pilot could moo and groan, but when the chief stewardess amanda showed up in her fancy costume, he just stood in the background. But nothing worked without him, even if the hippo lady didn't really want to admit it. Although: when pierre ruby apologized in a scratchy voice for the frog in his throat, amanda countered glibly: "i've got a whole hand in this one!"

With the data protection-free audience test "who is from murschdt"; the hint that in case of an emergency landing the chief stewardess is always allowed to get off first; vomit touts are not on board and the toilets are now equipped with a turnstile a la sanifair (70 cents must be enough)!), it was made clear to the passengers, i.E. The audience, right away what was in store for them. Cheeky chatter from the ventriloquist's mouth and gullet; quick-wittedness in all situations; parodies of fellow artists; vocal interludes, even in duet; the stunningly funny mind-reading game with assistant isabella from the audience; vices about the audience; the eternal power struggle between puppet and master – there was not a minute of boredom or routine.

Because the well-proportioned amanda also rests from time to time, or rather. Having to worry about necessary repairs to the on-board entertainment electronics, pierre ruby was able to offer the audience further "interlocutors" driving up.So the colorful on-board technician, who preferred to act as a sanger in satchmo style; the moody donkey named donkey; a donut not yet bitten with rolling eyes from the lunch-to-go bag; the foxy saxony-ronny "von drieben" including a funeral money hundred, a banana and a piece of cable from the on-board electronics in his travel bag – all little mouthy, quaint contemporaries, who were handled and brought to life by ventriloquist and voice artist ruby in incredibly fast voice and speech changes.

Helmut has done it to her
Amanda z was completely out of his mind. B. Every time she was on the stage and the "heelmuuut's" when he saw amanda (mayor helmut blank had obviously taken a shine to the fun-loving chief stewardess and single-nil horse lady), the languorous and aggressively flirting "heeelmuut anmachte. Yes, until it happened: "he knew me! Ham mir sagrotan da?"

When technical glitches prevented the on-board program, master ruby and his teammates had to improvise and act on the spur of the moment – and they succeeded so excellently, it was as if it was just part of the program. Only amanda was able to answer the question "has everything gone to pot??" Do not deny. The audience was integrated into the program again and again, was allowed to sing, to participate in the creation of a role play. At the end, when amanda couldn't help herself and asked ruby to sing. "Make me nag!", the hall was boiling. Almost, but only almost completely naked the saucy hippo lady presented herself ("i am currently single!!!") then in the copa cabana – costume; a feast for the eyes of a special kind. In any case, colorful, mischievous and with a saucy smile around the coarse mouth – amanda; the other protagonists and pierre ruby had conquered the hearts of the spectators as if in a flash.

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