Samples for the rough appearance

Samples for the rough appearance

A stage play with a native background is currently being rehearsed by the theater department of FC fuchsstadt. Traditionally, there are several performances in the multipurpose hall around and on the day of the epiphany, which the amateur actors rehearse weeks in advance and perform over two days.
This time the theater group invites you to a "preparation course for the home festival in fuscht a show that takes place every ten years. The tale in three acts and with little backstories shows what can go wrong in the run-up to the event. "Random coincidences with the festival taking place again in 2017 are not intended. We just want to point out the risks and side effects of the preparations", grins director edgar stockmann mischievously.

Clothes off

The makers and creators go all out for the opulently decorated home event. The families of master baker karl sauerteig, master butcher sepp eisbein and other helpful neighbors are under stress because there are only two days left. What can go wrong in the short span, shows the theaterstuck.
The popular folk singer, florian goldeisen, cancels his appearance and karl sauerteig insists that his friend sepp eisbein – who messed this up – steps in as a playback double. For some unknown reason, the clothes for the fashion show suddenly disappear and the prizes from the raffle accidentally end up on the pile of bulky trash. Since one of the guinea pigs is booked out, the "sea sow race" can take place also not take place.
More shall not be revealed to keep up the suspense of the piece. But there are still many surprises in the program. With michael stoth, beate weimar-stockmann, arnulf pulb, birgit schaupp, hans-jurgen pfulb, marina zahn, uwe eichel, annette holzinger and maria sturm, the theater group offers a cast of nine actors.
In addition, edgar stockmann as play manager and director, andedith stockmann as prompter.

The performances

Performances are on tuesday, 5. January, at 2 p.M. (admission-free children's performance) and at 7 p.M. (admission-free children's performance).30 o'clock and on 6. January at 2 pm (afternoon performance). Tickets for the show are available at the box office or – in advance – at pfeuffer KG in kissinger strabe 48 in fuchsstadt.

Lot for the tombola

With the purchase of a ticket everyone receives a raffle ticket, which contains beautiful prizes. Tickets can also be purchased during the performance.

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