Energy and the Built Environment

Multi-Family Dwellings: The Untapped Retrofit Market

Room 114 June 19, 2019 3:45 pm - 5:00 pm

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Ralph DiNola
Nick Dirr
Katie Ackerly
Neil Walmsley
Martha Campbell

California has a 10‐year roadmap to activate market forces and transform California’s existing building stock into high performing and energy efficient buildings. One of the biggest opportunities is fostering adoption of energy efficiency programs in multi-family dwellings, a substantial portion of the State’s housing stock. The majority of these structures were built before energy efficiency standards were implemented and face unique challenges. The California Energy Commission issued a grant to develop a programmatic approach for energy upgrades to multi-family dwellings, especially in low income areas. Led by the Rocky Mountain Institute, the Association for Affordable Energy and Prospect Silicon Valley, this project is adapting a successful project, Energiesprong, which was developed and implemented in the Netherlands. Join us to learn how standardizing and scaling these retrofits will help lower costs, complexity and GHG emissions, while keeping an emphasis on social equity.